Rules for Joining:

1. You must be at least 16 years of age to join.

2. Follow the procedure for joining as listed here. You will have to fill out an application (link provided in the sidebar) and create a character profile. You need to communicate through email with the owner of the RPG and make any necessary changes to your profile. All character applications should be sent to xvxblazexvx@aol.com .

3. After your application is approved by the owner of the RPG, you will receive an e-mail from the owner of the RPG indicating that your character’s profile will be posted on the appropriate listing - “Xavier Mansion Files” or “Magneto’s Files” - on the group’s website. If your character’s profile has already been posted, you will receive a link to your character’s profile; it is YOUR responsibility to make sure all your character’s information is accurate. The owner can and will adjust any grammatical or spelling errors discovered in your character’s profile before posting.


Character Creation and Accounts:

5. This RPG uses canon and original characters. If you choose to use a canon character, you must abide by the canon’s background and personal information as shown in the comics – NOT the movies.

6. Characters who join the RPG must have a mutation with strengths and weaknesses that are equally balanced. The owner of the RPG will work with you when you apply to ensure that your mutation is balanced.

7. All changes in the mutations/powers sections of character profiles must be approved by the owner of the RPG. Send any proposed changes to xvxblazexvx@aol.com. For changes due to power growths, growths may be denied or deferred if a character is viewed as getting too powerful, or if the growth is not related well enough to their current abilities. You may not use any ability that you haven't been approved to use.

8. You can be a human or an adapted human character, if you want. Not everyone on a mutant site has to be a mutant, after all.

9. No aliens or magic. Aliens and magic don't fit in well with this particular RPG.

10. Rules to creating multiple characters: All characters require individual applications and must be approved by the owner of the RPG. Send additional applications/ character profiles to xvxblazexvx@aol.com.
*Second character: Wait until you've been active in the RPG for at least three consecutive months before sending in an application for a second character.
*Third character: Wait until you’ve been active in the RPG for at least six consecutive months.
Fourth Character: No one has ever made a fourth active character.


General Role Playing Rules:

11. No god modding. This means you cannot control another character's actions. You cannot have your character use knowledge that they as a character had no way of knowing, even if you as a writer know something. During a battle you must let your opponent decide if your attack hits them or misses. You must allow other players a chance to respond to your actions; don't write so many actions happening in one post that other characters seem like they are standing still while everything happens. This includes the killing and/or maiming of characters, and destruction of property.

12. No Autoing or Powergaming. The only character you control is your own. No controlling or defining the damage/outcome to a character not your own. Also, plot-altering posts must be approved by a moderator before they get posted. This includes killing a character, changing the plot in a significant way, attempting to change the headmaster/headmistress, or adding unapproved villains. Don't be afraid to contribute, so if you're unsure of an action your character is taking, just run it by the affected player or mod for approval.

13. This RPG uses standard writing conventions including the following: 1st person when speaking, 3rd person when describing actions, and normal grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules. This helps keep things readable for everyone.

14. This RPG is a T for Teen site. That means keep the violence non-graphic, self-censor your character's language, fade to black in the bedroom, and steer clear of illegal mind-altering substances. Your character can and will be banned for breaking any of these rules whether in chatroom, e-mail, instant messenger, and so forth.

15. You are in charge of keeping your own character’s timeline straight.

16. Be polite and respectful in posts at all times. Out of character that is, the characters themselves probably won’t always be polite and respectful, but you, their players should be.

17. Be aware of the current plot as you RP.


Factions and Groups:

Note that this site has two factions, or groups of mutants, each with their own goals and ideals. They are the X-men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

18. Characters do not start as an established member of any group (i.e. X-men). To join one, you must work your way up to membership.

19. You may not start your own faction. Two seems to be the perfect number for this site, so we aren't looking to have any other groups spring up.



20. Three Strike Policy: I would like to be lenient; some rules aren't as major as other ones, and so an unofficial reminder will be enough. The owner will let players know when they've earned an actual strike. Once a player collects three strikes they will be removed. Banned members may be allowed to come back after a while, but it depends on the individual situation.

***Rules are subject to change, an e-mail will be sent out from the owner of the RPG to tell you if they do.***

(Rules adapted from the online group Mutant Revolution Online)