Overview of 2010

Just after the snow had melted and spring had come in the year 2010, an attack was set upon the Xavier Institute. Better, faster, stronger, and more advanced sentinels came in immense numbers. After an extraordinary battle, Professor Charles Xavier, the greatest telepath known to man, had died. The world was thrown in to chaos, mutant genocide, and mass sentinel production.

Upon receiving word of Xavier's death, Eric "Magnus" Lehnsherr, Magneto, gathered his brotherhood of mutants and entered the Savage Land. Although Magneto did not share Xavier's dream, he held high respect for his former friend and greatest enemy. Magneto and his followers would reside peacefully in Magneto's old hideout deep within the Savage Land for almost six months. However, Magneto was never the type of person to remain peaceful for long...

News of the U.S. government's new legislation, the Mutant Registration Act, would soon reach Magneto. It wasn't long after the legislation passed that mutant detention centers became operational. The mutant camps, mutant genocide worldwide, and new sentinel programs only fueled Magneto's outrage and hatred toward the human race. He could not sit idly by as his brethren were rounded up and slaughtered by the thousands.

Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants left the Savage Land and returned to the U.S. They attacked mutant camps and targeted high-ranking government officials. However, his immense "progress" was quickly halted by the X-Men. Magneto offered the X-Men a chance to join him, as he thought he was honoring Xavier's memory. To no surprise, the X-Men refused. Magneto came to the realization that the X-Men would always be a thorn in his side; a thorn which he needed to eliminate. Xavier's memory could not protect his precious X-Men forever.

Magneto split his legion into three subgroups, overseen by Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Mystique. Each group had its own specific purpose. The first, Quicksilver's group, focused specifically on attacking the X-Men and spreading them too thin to be any real threat to Magneto's goals. The second, Scarlet Witch's group, focused specifically on freeing mutant detention centers and brainwashing the former mutant prisoners into joining Magneto's brotherhood of mutants. The third, Mystique's group, reported directly to Magneto and followed out his more 'personal' orders.

Now Magneto must press forward with his plans and find a way to stop the X-Men from foiling his tactics.