Overview of 2011

One year has passed since Professor Charles Xavier died at the hands of government sentinels, and the mutant world was thrown into genocide and chaos. Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants have continued to reside in Magneto's countless hideouts scattered through the United States and Canada.

At the beginning of the year 2011, Magneto's Acolytes, a subgroup led by Quicksilver, had almost completely ceased their attacks on the Xavier Institute per Magneto's request, allotting the X-Men a false sense of security.

Mutant genocide had slowed to a halt; however, mutant registration and detention centers were still an ongoing problem. Magneto's attention had turned toward the government once more, with the production of their newest sentinel, Sentinel X15. The Sentinel X15 had been engineered with topnotch scientific technology. It had lightning speed and a vast arsenal of weaponry. Its main goal was to protect humans from the "mutant threat" which it perceived to be all mutant kind.

Magneto and the X-Men unknowingly joined forces for the first time in years. Although they didn't fight side-by-side, they did share a common goal: to destroy the Sentinel X15 program. Through duel efforts, the program was destroyed.

Six months into the year 2011, the Acolytes became quite active in their attacks on the X-Men and the Xavier Institute. Their main goal was to weaken the X-Men by any means possible, allowing Magneto to continue his campaign undisturbed.

Toward the end of the year 2011, Magneto succeeded in placing two of his henchmen securely inside congress. Details of their whereabouts were unknown to the leaders of his three subgroups, and Magneto preferred it that way. He didn't trust any explicitly, not even his own children.

Magneto continues to promote his idea of Homo Superior, the concept that Homo sapiens are inferior to those with the mutant X-gene. Magneto strives to achieve the "perfect" world in which mutants are the earth's dominant species and humans are either slaves or extinct.