Overview of 2012

Two years have passed since the death of Professor Charles Xavier, the world's greatest telepath and mentor to countless youth. Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants have continued to reside in Magneto's countless hideouts scattered through the United States and Canada.

In the early months of 2012, a team of mutants under the control of Scarlet Witch broke into one of the largest mutant detention centers in the southwest United States. Through the use of mutant teleporters, they transported more than 1000 mutants to their hidden base in Wyoming. The complex is located underground, accessible only by a hidden elevator shaft at the northeast corner of the complex.

Over the next several months, Scarlet Witch and several other members of the brotherhood worked to brainwash the mutants into joining Magneto and the brotherhood of mutants. Once trained in combat and given a crash course in developing their mutant abilities, these new recruits were sent out to Magneto's various mutant bases around the United States and Canada to replenish the assorted teams with fresh soldiers ready to fight and die for Magneto's cause.

Among the new recruits sent to New York to join Quicksilver and his Acolytes were Jordan Scott, Lillian Coron "Rayne," Rachel Elliott, and Rebecca Holst "Aerial." These recruits stood apart from the rest; they were well in control of their powers and held abilities that Quicksilver found to be rather useful in fighting the X-Men. Quicksilver even sent Jordan Scott to infiltrate the X-Men division, having him join the school under the pretense of being a new arrival. Prior to Jordan's departure, Quicksilver had a low level telepath block out the ability for Jordan's mind to be infiltrated by the telepaths residing at the Xavier Institute, notably Jean Grey and Emma Frost. The block would only last for roughly a month, enough time for Jordan to access the Cerebra Chamber and download its files. Jordan's mission, however, ended in a failure toward the end of the spring season. Upon attempting to access the Cerebra Chamber, his presence was discovered by Sara Zander "Inferno", and he promptly fled the mansion. Despite the failure, Quicksilver knew Jordan would become useful later, and thus allowed him to live when he returned empty handed.

During the summer of 2012, Austin and Renee Carr infiltrated the Xavier Institute without the permission of Quicksilver. They tracked down Damien DeVol, an X-Men and council member at the Xavier Institute, and attacked him. Austin held a grudge against Damien and was intent on killing him. His plans were foiled when Damien's long time girlfriend, Jade Bennington "Nightwish" arrived on the scene and fought off Renee Carr. With Renee out of the way, Damien fought back, causing Austin and Renee to flee the mansion grounds.

During the fall of 2012, Rachel Elliott and Roxie Rieser were sent to the Xavier Institute on a mission. Their objective was to capture Veronica Fieron "V" and Ayami Horobi, two X-Men who possessed the ability of magnetism. Even though they were only able to capture Veronica Fieron "V", the mission was still considered to be a success. They transported her to an abandoned warehouse in Maine where they waited for a more permanent transport to the base in Arizona. Meanwhile they attempted to gain information via torture. Before any information was spilled, the X-Men broke into the warehouse. Halfway through the fight, sentinels arrived on the scene. After both sides had fled, the death toll was taken. The Acolytes lost Kendra Rickkers "Slinger," considered to be a peon by Quicksilver. The X-Men had lost Seta Yasha "Hell", also considered to be a peon by Quicksilver, but a beloved teammate by the X-Men.

Around December, Quicksilver appointed SilverBlade as a co-leader of the Acolytes. The two had become romantically involved toward the end of the year, and Quicksilver wanted her by his side. The remainder of the year was spent in constant battles between the X-Men and Quicksilver's Acolytes.