Overview of 2013

Three years have passed since Professor Charles Xavier died at the hands of a government sentinel attack. Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants have continued to reside in Magneto's countless hideouts scattered through the United States and Canada.

Mystique and her team of brotherhood mutants carried out a variety of covert operations in the early months of 2013. They kidnapped several government officials, putting shape shifters in their place. With Magneto's pawns in place, he began working toward undoing anti-mutant legislation. Although this seemed kind and generous of him, he had his own ulterior motives.

The year was rather uneventful for Quicksilver's Acolytes, as he had received word from Magneto to halt all operations and begin extensively training the new shipment of recruits. Quicksilver only partially heeded Magneto's orders. He sent a variety of small operatives to the Xavier Institute, looking to kidnap key players within the X-Men. Most of the missions resulted in failure, or the X-Men managed to retrieve their lost teammates. The Acolytes did succeed in capturing one X-Men, Jake Cross "Herb." After extensive torture, they released his body to a anti-mutant organization. The X-Men managed to track him down and rescue him, but the damage had been done. Jake Cross "Herb" died in the Medibay of the Xavier Institute.

Quicksilver and SilverBlade focused their efforts on training the new recruits, among which included: Melanie "Mel" Birch "Violet", Tara Snyder "Apparatus", and Connor Holst "Iniquity." Toward the end of the fall season, Tara Snyder "Apparatus" was captured by the X-Men during an infiltration mission. Her allegiance to the Acolytes waned and she eventually joined the Xavier Institute, enrolling as a student. News of this betrayal reached Quicksilver and SilverBlade, and they decided to allow her to stay at the mansion for the time being. They would eventually collect her, extract the information she had gained, and kill her. But the time was not yet right.

The remainder of the year was spent training new recruits and planning new missions and attacks on the mansion.