Overview of 2014

Four years have passed since Professor Charles Xavier died at the hands of a government sentinel attack. Magneto and his brotherhood of mutants have continued to reside in Magneto's countless hideouts scattered throughout the United States and Canada.

Mystique and her team of brotherhood mutants carried out a variety of covert operations in the early months of 2013. They kidnapped several government officials, putting shape shifters in their place. With Magneto's pawns in place, he began working toward undoing anti-mutant legislation. The kidnapping of government officials came to the X-men's attention with a sentinel detected a mutant signature in one of the shape shifters posing as a senator, and began to attack him. Sara and Jessica Zander used their former connections with the brotherhood of mutants to piece together Mystique's mission. This mission was a massive assassination attempt on the entire House of Representatives and the Senate, which was to be carried out one year after the initial infiltration.

In January, days before the massive assassination attempt, the X-men orchestrated a rescue mission of the kidnapped government officials. The Zander twins, Adrian Grace "Rain", SilverCat, Kurt Wagner "Nightcrawler", Jean Grey, and Cat carried out the rescue mission, successfully retrieving all the kidnap victims and returning them safely to their homes. A second mission by the X-men was put in place the day of the assassination attempt, consisting of Cat, SilverCat, Jean Grey, Scott Summers "Cyclops", Bobby Drake "Iceman", and Wolverine. This team managed to intervene and prevent the assassination attempt, engaging in battle with Mystique, Blob, Sabretooth, Toad, and Avalanche.

The year continue on with Quicksilver's Acolytes, as his team was still officially on postponement per Magneto's orders given the previous year, which involved stopping all operations and begin extensively training the new shipment of recruits. This order was retracted in February.

In mid-February, the newly organized and trained team of Acolytes descended upon the Xavier Institute, launching a full scale attack. The defense systems of the mansion protected the students and residents taking refuge in the dormitory wings. The X-men and Acolytes battled tirelessly for hours until the order was given for the Acolytes to fall back. The X-men were left with a handful of severely injured teammates, while the Acolytes sustained only minor injuries and the capture of one teammate, Jordan Scott, who was later rescued from the holding cells.

In March, SilverBlade returned to the Xavier Institute to launch an assassination attempt on Cat, the headmistress and head of council at the Xavier Institute. This attempt was foiled when other X-men arrived on the scene, thus resulting in SilverBlade's retreat.

In April, Austin Carr, Lillian Coron "Rayne", and Melanie Birch "Violet" kidnapped Lauren and Leslie McCully, "Steam" and "Hex" respectively, and Jason Knight "Obscurity". The sisters were held hostage and tortured for information for two days before Cat was able to locate the sisters' location. A team of X-men was sent on a rescue mission and was able to retrieve the girls, resulting in Violet and Rayne's escape. Austin had already fled the scene with Jason Knight the moment the X-men arrived.

In May, Jason appeared at the Xavier Institute, initiating an attack. The fight was cut short when Jade Bennington was able to remove the control collar around Jason's neck. It was later revealed that SilverBlade had been controlling him.

In June, the Acolytes infiltrated and attacked a military base. When the X-men arrived, half of the Acolytes remained behind to counterattack the X-men while the other half retrieved data from the military base that they had been sent to collect. Once the data was collected, the Acolytes fled the scene. The X-men remained behind, assisting the injured until military reinforcements arrived.

In July, after being killed over a year ago, Lexi mysteriously returned to life, showing up at the Xavier Institute and resorting to old antics with Damien DeVol and Jade Bennington. After pulling, what she perceived to be pranks, she retreated for the Xavier Institute and returned to the Acolyte hideout in upstate New York to rejoin the team.

The remainder for the summer and fall season consisted of various missions to collect data requested by Magneto and second-in-command leaders.

During the winter season, the Acolytes took another temporary hiatus from missions as they recruited and trained new members.