Overview of 2018


1. The Distraction. In March, the Acolytes sent David Hartford "Remus" to the mansion solely as a distraction from their current mission goals. David's only purpose was to cause havoc. After his brief attack on the mansion, David was detained by Em Fieron in the holding cells of the mansion.

2. Capture and Convert. In late March, the X-men were deployed on a rescue mission led by Cat. Lauren McCully had been captured by the Acolytes after being lured into a trap by her sister, Leslie McCully, a former student at the Xavier Institute who later became a Brotherhood member by joining the Acolytes. Lauren was captured in order to gain intel on the new layouts of the Xavier Institute, which had been recently reconstructed and renovated, as well as gain information on key X-men members. Their secondary initiative was to convert Lauren to the Brotherhood, as they had with her sister, Leslie. However, a team consisting of Basis, Piotr Rasputin "Colossus," Shirina Elson "Ariel," Dorian Lynd "Fury," Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack," Veronica Fieron "V," Tara Snyder "Apparatus," and Joshua Connors "Voltage" entered an Acolyte compound. After fighting off Jason Knight "Obscurity" and Leslie McCully, the X-men were able to rescue Lauren McCully. However, despite being physically injured, Lauren's biggest injuries were mental - having been betrayed by her sister. Even though the Acolytes were unable to gain any intel from Lauren, they were successful in at least damaging on X-men member.