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Current Year: 2020

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Past Developments

1. Choosing Sides. Initially Magneto considered the extremist views festering within the Acolyte team to be insignificant. After all, the group was doing their duty and keeping the X-men out of his way. However, when members of the team took on a new name - Exalted X - and declared themselves a separate group entirely from the Brotherhood, Magneto stepped in. In a powerful display, he told the Acolyte members that it was time for them to choose sides. They could either remain within the Brotherhood of Mutants, or they could turn their backs on their brethren and join the Exalted X group, led by Austin Carr. However, Magneto warned that they would no longer be welcomed by the Brotherhood and would be seen as an enemy of the cause. In truth, Exalted X was preaching ideas and tactics that were even beneath Magneto's own morality. When the metaphorical line in the sand was drawn, several Acolytes chose to remain with Magneto, whether out of fear or loyalty. Those who chose to follow Austin Carr were dealt with swiftly and without mercy. Magneto would not tolerate insubordination and did not want this idea of betrayal seeping into and throughout his other ranks. However, around a dozen former Acolytes escaped. They regrouped under Austin Carr's leadership. With the group satisfactorily diminished and weakened, Magneto sent in two or three Acolyte members as spies, working their way back into the ranks of Exalted X to feed him information. Should Exalted X try to rise against him again, he would give them a sentence worse than death. Exalted X would spend most of the year strengthening, plotting, and planning their revenge on the Brotherhood and on the X-men who continuously got in their way.

2. So it begins. Exalted X wanted to start with a warning to the X-men, one that would not be taken lightly or in jest. Therefore, Exalted X started by kidnapping several X-men and students who had former affiliations with the Brotherhood and Exalted X, but had betrayed their brothers and sisters by joining the X-men. Veronica Fieron Rasputin "V" and Madison "Sage" had gone on a recon mission to follow up leads that might potentially to the rescue of the mission Xavier Institute residents. However, the mission was a dead end and ultimately led to V and Madi's capture. Exalted X leader allowed two of his more well-trained interrogators work on V and Madi, attempting to get as much information as possible. However, both women were equally trained in resisting interrogations. Deciding to use them as bait, Austin had an explosive collar placed on V which would detonate if she was taken from the building or if it was removed. He then reactivated Madi's comlink to allow the X-men to track them. The X-men fell into his trap easily enough; however, their team was able to work around the trap and rescue the two women with only minor injuries sustained to the team.

3. Bodies Hit The Fence. Exalted X decided to finally show their cards by unveiling the reasoning behind the kidnappings. They brought the six kidnapped victims, consisting of Dorian Lynd, Lucas Weiser, Jayden Amberry, and three unnamed students, to the Xavier Institute in the black of night. Exalted X members tied the badly beaten and tortured six to the Xavier Institute fence, and then Austin Carr used his abilities to stop the hearts of all six victims. Exalted X had one of their speedy mutants attach a note to the Xavier mansion door with a warning stating that the X-men should stay out of their way, and hinted that they should check the fence line to see that Exalted X meant business. Cat and Piotr Rasputin were the first on the scene, followed shortly by Veronica Fieron Rasputin. They were able to get the bodies off the fence while Cat teleported them to the medibay, where Dr. Ayami Horobi-Weiser was on standby. All were revived with the exception of one student.

4. Dorian Lynd Attacks. Upon waking up in the medibay, Dorian Lynd's mind was not his own. A device planted in his head caused hallucinations that he was still being held captive by Exalted X. While trying to escape the presumed captivity, he inadvertently attacked his own friends and teammates. Veronica Fieron Rasputin was able to remove the device from his head, but not before Dorian had severely injured and melted sections of Piotr Rasputin's organic metal, sending him to the medibay for medical treatment.

5. Bethany Returns. Bethany returned to the mansion, bypassing security in her sand-shifted form. She attacked Dorian Lynd who was on the beach of Breakstone Lake. She tried to find out if he had killed or injured anyone. Dorian, in a weakened state and still recovering, was unable to fight back. However, before Bethany could do any serious damage, Jayden Amberry, Piotr Rasputin, Veronica Fieron Rasputin, and Cat arrived in time to save him. Bethany was captured in a joint effort by Cat and Piotr. Bethany was sent to the medibay to recover, and then later sent to the holding cells as a prisoner. Naturally, sending Bethany to the Xavier Institute was a calculated move, one in which Austin wanted to end with her in the medibay and then later the holding cells.

6. Visions of Mae. Mae revealed one of her visions to Austin Carr, explaining that Izaak Shaw would be a key player in the undoing of his leadership. Austin ordered David Hartford the task of bringing Izaak Shaw in, alive.

7. Alleyway Fight (Rescue Lauren). Lauren McCully was the last of the kidnapped victims and unable to be located. Out of the blue, Lauren contacted Madison via comlink, claiming she had escaped and needed to be picked up in town. Madison and Izaak Shaw immediately notified the X-men. The team formulated a plan and then went into town. Madison and Izaak approached Lauren in town, with Izaak masked by Madison's invisibility. The moment Madison entered the alleyway where Lauren was, Leslie McCully emerged into the alleyway and attacked. Veronica Fieron Rasputin and Alicia Horobi-Weiser filtered into the alleyway to help, only to be surprise attacked by David Hartford "Remus." The moment the surprise attack happened, Piotr Rasputin and Jayden Amberry joined in the fight to help the team. Cat surveyed from above to step in for emergency teleport if needed. Leslie used her telekinesis to slam her sister Lauren against a wall and render her unconscious. David ordered Leslie to restrain and capture Izaak Shaw. David used his abilities on V, and then later Piotr to control them like a puppet and help Leslie in attacking Izaak, while David then worked against the others. Cat emergency teleported V away from the fight to off-set David's control over her. Upon Cat's return, and the focused teamwork of the other X-men, David called a retreat. David and Leslie retreated from the fight, loosening his control over Piotr just before he severely injured Izaak. Cat teleported the group back to the mansion, sending Lauren and Izaak to the medibay for treatment.