Overview of 2010

Shortly after the snow had melted and Spring had arrived in the year 2010, an attack was set upon the Xavier Institute. A new breed of government sentinels, the most technologically advanced sentinel to date, came in immense numbers. Wave after wave, these sentinels landed upon the grounds of the Institute, attacking the facility and its occupants. The X-Men, unprepared for this sudden attack, scurried to the battlefield unfolding on the mansion's front lawn.

Countless X-Men were severely wounded throughout the battle, the body count continued to rise, and it seemed as though the X-Men were going to lose. Professor Charles Xavier could not restrain himself; he could not sit idly by and watch his beloved students and friends dying to protect the mansion, to protect their right to be alive, but most of all to protect him.

Entering the battlefield, Xavier met the sentinels head on. He fought bravely, using his mutant gifts to weaken the sentinels and give his X-Men a fighting chance. It wasn't long before the battle had turned in the X-Men's favor. Mere hours after the onslaught had begun, when the dust and smoke had vanished, Professor Charles Xavier lay tipped over in his wheel chair fatally wounded. Hours later, the greatest telepath in the world had passed away.

The mansion was thrown in to chaos and grief, "What will we do without Professor Xavier?", "Where do we go from here?" and "Who will lead us?" Unable to collectively choose any specific leader, a council of X-Men was organized. The council consisted of Jean Grey, Scott Summers "Cyclops", Ororo Munroe "Storm", Hank McCoy "Beast", Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat", and BlackCat "Cat" (CC character. We realize this codename is similar to another marvel character. It is pure coincidence). Soon order was restored at the mansion and the long process of rebuilding had begun. Within a few weeks time, after grueling hard work and a significant amount of teamwork, the damage done to the mansion was repaired. Security systems were upgraded and peace seemed to return to the Xavier Institute.

In the summer of the same year, the U.S. Congress passed the Mutant Registration Act in order to keep tabs on mutants living within the United States of America. This bill was only the beginning of problems soon to come for mutant kind. The media began streaming anti-mutant propaganda, creating hatred and fear for mutants among the human populous. To appease the public, the government used the Mutant Registration Act to round up mutants and place them in internment camps, commonly referred to in the media as mutant detention centers. The living conditions in these mutant camps were appalling, but nothing was done to rectify the situation. From there, it was only a hop, a skip, and a jump to private institutions who began testing on mutants in an attempt to find a "cure" for the mutant disease. Patients for their research weren't difficult to come by, as they often used detainees from various mutant camps whenever they needed fresh "specimens." During this time the government left the Xavier Institute alone, while trying to decide behind closed doors the best plan of action for the mutants residing at the mansion. New spread like wildfire of the safe haven that could be found at the Xavier Institute. Mutants from all over the U.S. began flocking to the Xavier Institute, evading the government and internment camps in their efforts to reach it.

In the Fall of 2010, during his personal exile in the Savage Land, Magneto had regained strength. By using the U.S. government's antics as the foundation for drawing in his supporters, it was almost effortless for Magneto to create an army of mutants pledging their allegiance to him and his dream for mutant kind. He and his cronies broke into mutant camps, recruiting more mutant followers along the way. His followers were bitter and angry at the human race, and Magneto wielded their rage into an unstoppable weapon. With innumerable hideouts established across the U.S. and Canada, Magneto turned his eye on public officials and government buildings, wrecking havoc and causing mayhem.

The X-Men couldn't allow Magneto to continue his campaign. Pulling themselves together, they reminded themselves of Xavier and his dream; they knew what had to be done. The X-Men council, in addition to finding a way to stop the government from destroying mutants all together, decided to take on Magneto and his cronies. By the end of the year, they had gained significant headway in reversing anti-mutant government laws and greatly hindering Magneto's efforts.

Throughout the year, the X-Men, in addition to losing a mentor, had lost seven of their teammates as well. They mourned the loss of their teammates and friends: Amanda Perez "Obscurity", Angelique Reeves "Angel", Faith Rogers "Slayer", Madison Klein "Maddie", Malik Dirontist "Acro", Neo "Shock", and Umi Kodomorei. Losing each loved one was painful, making each battle victory without their friends more difficult to celebrate.

It was a hard year for the X-Men, from the heartache over the loss of a mentor and seven teammates to numerous attacks on the mansion and mutant kind. The X-Men continued to fight for Xavier's dream. They hoped that through their efforts they might be able to witness Xavier's dream one day…