Overview of 2011

One year has passed since Professor Charles Xavier, the world's greatest telepath, passed away and the mutant world was thrown in to genocide and chaos. The X-Men continued to reside over the Xavier Institute in New York where their presence was well known. At the beginning of the year, Acolyte and government attacks on the mansion were a rarity. Students and residents were allowed to wander the Xavier Institute property after being pent up for more than six months.

The Council continued to preside over the Xavier Institute, with a newly established headmistress and head of council, a young woman named BlackCat (CC Character), more commonly known as Cat. She was kept busy handling an enormous amount of work as both headmistress and head of council; whether it was dealing with misbehaving students, training students and residents who aspired to join the ranks of the X-Men, or presiding over missions.

The council itself had changed and grown as well. It consisted of Scott Summers "Cyclops", Jean Grey, Logan "Wolverine", Ororo Munroe "Storm", Hank McCoy "Beast", Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat", SilverCat (CC Character), Jade Bennington "Nightwish" (CC Character), Gena Lee "Ajax" (CC Character), Jessica Zander "Blade" (CC Character), and Sara Zander "Inferno" (CC Character). Together, with a combination of veteran and new X-Men, the council was able to make the best decisions for the Xavier Institute.

Although the government had not brought many attacks to the X-Men's front door, they had been quite busy with the production of their latest "guardian of the peace," the Sentinel X15. The Sentinel X15 had been engineered with topnotch scientific technology. It had incredible speed and a vast arsenal of built in weapons which far surpassed the majority of sentinels. Its main goal was to protect human beings from the mutant threat.

Six months into the year 2011, the Acolytes, a subgroup of Magneto's army led by Quicksilver, had become quite active with their own initiatives, including attacks on the X-Men. Their main goal was to weaken the X-Men by any means necessary and prevent them from interfering with Magneto's plans to enslave the human race.

Throughout their battles, both X-Men and Acolytes alike mourned the loss of their members. The X-Men had lost five more teammates that year. They mourned for their teammates and friends: Aura Road, Carlos Cardenas "Sonic", Cristal B. "Epiphany", Diana Marrow "Hydro", and Eric Madison. Losing each loved one was painful, making each battle victory without their friends more difficult to celebrate.

It had been another difficult year for the X-Men as they dealt with their own losses at home, with the government and their new sentinels, and fought against Magneto and his Acolytes, all the while promoting Xavier's dream.

The X-Men are determined to find a way to stop Magneto from destroying the human race, and stop the government from destroying mutants all togetherů