Overview of 2012

Two years have passed since the death of Professor Charles Xavier, the world's greatest telepath and mentor to countless youth; it has been a chaotic journey for the X-Men. Having dealt with everything from government internment camps for mutants and new breeds of sentinels, to Magneto's minions and attempted kidnappings of students, residents, and X-Men from the Xavier Institute. Despite the hardships the X-Men had gone through, they remained strong in promoting Xavier's dream and making efforts to co-exist with the world around them.

The Xavier Institute council continued to lead the X-Men and preside over the Xavier Institute. In the summer of 2012, the council faced one of its most pressing issues thus far - SentinelX15. Originally a government program, it was taken over by a private group of investors who took the program for a new turn. As a government program SentinelX15 was meant to protect human beings by zeroing in on destructive mutant groups such as Magneto and his minions; however, under its new owners, the program was being used to target all mutants and exterminate them.

Secret colonies of mutants sprung up all across the U.S. as countless mutants fled into hiding, attempting to escape the potential slaughter. However, more than half of the hideouts were uncovered and the mutants -- men, women, and children -- were brutally massacred. When word reached the mansion of the atrocious events occurring around the nation, the X-Men assembled into teams and were flown out to hundreds, if not thousands, of locations where Jean Grey had detected mutant colonies via Cerebro. Other teams were sent to the locations of SentinelX15 factories, where they obtained data on the sentinels and hindered the manufacturing process. The X-Men worked night and day to prevent the massacre of their fellow brethren, and in the process gained some public support as the mutant massacres slowly became mainstream news.

By the end of winter in 2012, the X-Men eliminated the majority of the factories where the sentinels were being built and successfully destroyed all the program records for SentinelX15, thus eliminating any more creations of sentinel. However, during these missions, the X-Men suffered even more losses that year with the loss of three more teammates: Kaze Kaminari "WindRunner", Seta Yasha "Hell", and Troyan.

With new threats rising, questioning the safety of mutants everywhere, the Xavier Institute council and the X-Men try their best to bring an end to the genocide.