Overview of 2013

Three years had passed since the death of Professor Charles Xavier, the world's greatest telepath and mentor to countless youth. The Xavier Institute council continued to lead the X-Men and preside over the Xavier Institute. The council was led by BlackCat (CC Character), more commonly known as Cat, who had fulfilled the position of both headmistress and head of council quite well over the past several years. The council had changed and grown once more, bringing in new faces as the students and residents were able to vote on their council members in the spring of each year. The elected council consisted of Scott Summers "Cyclops", Jean Grey-Summers, Logan "Wolverine", Ororo Munroe "Storm", Hank McCoy "Beast", Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat", Jade Bennington "Nightwish" (CC Character), Gena Lee "Ajax" (CC Character), Emily Fieron "Em" (CC Character), Kraig Peters (CC Character), Damien DeVol (CC Character), and Aidan Mitchell "Cobalt" (CC Character).

The X-Men had put an end to the Sentinel X15 program toward the end of the year 2012 though it was difficult and resulted in countless injured and the passing of a small handful of X-Men. The Sentinel X15 files were destroyed and the factories were shut down over a span of fifteen missions. With the year 2012 having come to an end, the X-Men closed that chapter in their life and began a new one in the year 2013.

As seems to be the pattern, with the end of one great threat begins the start of a new one. The X-Men had turned their attention toward the recent kidnappings and disappearances of mutants around the world. No specific government or organization seemed to be at the head of it.

Things took an unexpected turn when Wolverine went missing without a trace and a couple of the formerly missing mutants turned up dead along the coast of Canada. Several X-Men used their contacts in order to gain information about the kidnappings, and after two months the council was able to piece together the details. Wolverine had been taken to a research facility in England. The X-Men went on a rescue mission to England and successfully freed Wolverine from his captors. However, the mastermind behind the kidnapping escaped before the X-Men could reach him.

In the summer of 2013, the X-Men received information that a small group formerly associated with the Hellfire Club was to blame for the kidnappings of mutants worldwide. The X-Men were able to locate their base of operations and capture the small group. After turning the small group over to the authorities in Europe, the X-Men seized documents stating the locations of several complexes where hundreds of mutants were being held. Over the course of the summer, the X-Men managed to break in to each and every complex and free the captive mutants. Almost all of the mutants returned to their respective countries with the exception of four mutants who chose to return to the Xavier Institute with the X-Men.

Everything seemed quiet for the remainder of the summer and throughout the fall season. During the winter season, however, sentinel attacks and attempted kidnappings of X-Men and students suddenly increased once more. During these battles and missions, the X-Men suffered the loss of three more teammates: Catherine Hargrove "Silence", Jake Cross "Herb", and Zeian. After three weeks, just before Christmas, the attacks abruptly ceased and the mansion was able to somewhat enjoy a peaceful Christmas.

With new threats always rising, the Xavier Institute tries its best to live life as "normally" as possible. There are constant missions and the X-Men and X-Men-in-training have become somewhat overworked. However, they enjoy their duties and continue to promote Xavier's dream.