Overview of 2014

Three years had passed since the death of Professor Charles Xavier, the world's greatest telepath and mentor to countless youth. The Xavier Institute council continued to lead the X-Men and preside over the Xavier Institute. The council was led by BlackCat (CC Character), more commonly known as Cat, who had fulfilled the position of both headmistress and head of council quite well over the past several years. Oddly enough, the council retained the same members after the spring election. The re-elected council consisted of Scott Summers "Cyclops", Jean Grey-Summers, Logan "Wolverine", Ororo Munroe "Storm", Hank McCoy "Beast", Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat", Jade Bennington "Nightwish" (CC Character), Gena Lee "Ajax" (CC Character), Emily Fieron "Em" (CC Character), Kraig Peters (CC Character), Damien DeVol (CC Character), and Aidan Mitchell "Cobalt" (CC Character).

The year began as quietly as it had ended, with a pleasant winter holiday and a wonderful New Years celebration. However, the peaceful atmosphere didn't last long. By the second week of January in the year 2014 a sentinel attack was launched upon the mansion. It's seasoned X-Men found the scene to be almost too reminiscent of the sentinel attack which claimed the lives of so many, including Professor Charles Xavier. Luckily, due to Beast's enhanced security system which surrounded the mansion grounds and extended beyond its perimeter, the alarm was sounded long before the sentinels ever set foot upon the mansion grounds. The X-Men were outside, ready to confront the incoming threat, while the students and residents were safely nestled in the lower levels of the mansion. After the dust settled and the smoke had cleared, the X-Men stood victorious over heaps of burning, twisted metal.

In the early weeks of February, Lauren and Leslie McCully, two students residing at the Xavier Institute, were kidnapped by the Kingson Organization. The leaders of the organization were interested in using the McCully sister's powers for their own personal gain. After a full-fledged investigation, the location of the McCully sisters was identified. Cat gathered a group of X-Men to commence the rescue mission. The team consisted of Damien DeVol, Jessica Zander "Blade", Bethany Nelson "Dust", SilverCat, and BlackCat. The mission was a great success, resulting in the safe rescue of the McCully sisters.

Around the same time as the McCully sister's disappearance, another student, Jason Knight, disappeared as well. It was suspected by several X-Men that he had joined the local Acolyte branch of mutants. Despite some of people's beliefs about Jason's disappearance, Cat ordered a full investigation, assigning Sara Zander "Inferno" and Emily Fieron "Em" to the case. Unfortunately, leads grew few and far between and the case soon grew cold. On February 27th, Jason Knight resurfaced. He broke into the mansion and began attacking X-Men and students alike, demanding to see BlackCat, the headmistress and head of council at the Xavier Institute. After a lengthy battle, it was soon discovered that Jason was being controlled by Mystique via a chip implanted along his neck. Veronica "V" Fieron and Jade Bennington "Nightwish" were able to divert Mystique's attention long enough for SilverCat, the resident doctor, to remove the chip from Jason's neck. Upon it's removal, Jason collapsed and was kept in the MediBay while Mystique fled the scene. Within a few weeks, Jason had recovered and returned to his normal life at the mansion.

In early March of 2014, Basis, a new X-Men, left the mansion without warning. He had been summoned by his former "master." After a brief reprogramming, Basis returned to the mansion and began attack everyone in sight. He believed he was engaging in a simulation, only to discover the truth later on. After being confined in the holding cells deep within the lower levels of the mansion, Cat, SilverCat, and Hank McCoy "Beast" were able to figure out a way to undo Basis' "reprogramming" and return him to his "normal" self.

On March 15th, Veronica "V" Fieron, Kraig Peters "Explosion", and Brian Zander were sent to the northern part of Oregon on an Intel mission. They were to survey the area and collect data on the military base nearby. Towards the end, the mission became compromised when their location was discovered. As they retreated to the X-Jet, they found themselves under heavy gunfire. Veronica Fieron covered their retreat, using her powers of magnetism to deflect the bullets and disable the soldiers' weapons. Within a matter of moments, she became overwhelmed. Unable to stop every bullet, she was shot in the left side and upper right thigh. Kraig Peters returned to her aid while Brian Zander proceeded to assist in covering their retreat. Nearly up the ramp of the X-Jet, Kraig and Veronica watched in horror as Brian was blindsided by a small battalion. He was shot in the neck and kneecap. Getting Veronica onto the plane, Kraig returned for Brian. Brian managed to send up a wall of fire, biding time. Kraig was able to return to the X-Jet with Brian before executing an emergency take-off. Once safely in the air, Kraig attempted to address Brian's wounds. He discovered that Brian had sustained three more gunshot wounds to the chest. One of his lungs had collapsed and he had severe internal bleeding. Brian Zander died en route to the Xavier Institute MediBay, and was pronounced dead on arrival. Veronica Fieron was rushed to the MediBay and was treated for severe injuries; she would survive. For the next few weeks, the mansion would mourn the death of one of their youngest X-Men, Brian Zander. The Zander twins, Sara and Jessica, hosted a closed funeral for their beloved brother, in which their mother, father (Eric Lehnsherr "Magneto"), and half-siblings (Lorna Dane, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff) attended.

Toward the end of March, two longtime residents of the Xavier Institute, Gwen "Elemental" and Naomi Angelyn, chose to leave the mansion in search of a peaceful, civilian life in the western United States.

On April 1st, Damien DeVol and Jade Bennington "Nightwish" were given their own special April Fools trick. Their long-time enemy, and personal nuisance, Lexi Rieser returned to the Xavier Institute. After reportedly being deceased for over a year, she mysteriously "returned to life," appearing at the Xavier Institute and returning to old antics with Damien and Jade. After a brief battle, she fled the mansion. It was unclear how Lexi cheated death, but the Xavier Institute council was worried about the danger Lexi posed to Damien, Jade, and society. They discovered soon after that Lexi had re-joined the Acolytes.

The remainder of spring and beginning of summer would proceed rather uneventfully. Toward the end of summer, however, the X-men, with the assistance of a couple students-in-training, jetted off to an oil rig off the southeast coast of the United States. Acolyte members had taken the workers hostage and set explosive devices around the oil rig. The X-men arrived in time to deactivate the explosive devices and free the hostages. Nonetheless, as the X-men attempted to flee, sentinels arrived and determined the X-men as a threat. After a short battle, the X-men managed to escape relatively unharmed.

After the mission at the oil rig, everything quieted down at the mansion. Summer turned to fall as the leaves began to drop gracefully from the branches of the surrounding trees. Unfortunately for the X-Men, their luck turned once more, as the winter season proved to be marked with sentinel attacks, rescue missions, and Acolyte terrorist attacks. The X-Men found themselves training harder and working longer. Their success rates dramatically increased as they slowly gained public favor for hindering Acolyte attacks, and occasionally imprisoning an Acolyte member.

Despite the headway they gained in the public eye, the battles were often bittersweet, occasionally marked by sadness and grief due to the loss of a teammate. During some of these battles and missions, the X-Men suffered the loss of five more teammates: Alexander Lockhart "Spore", Gerald Tarrant, Dusan Sebesta, Adam Jarco Tarasov "Amp", and Joshua Connor "Jolt". The year 2014 had been marked by a great loss of friends and teammates, one of the highest losses the mansion had seen since 2010.

With new threats always rising, the Xavier Institute tries its best to live life as "normally" as possible. Although they mourn the loss of their friends, family, and teammates, they also celebrate their memory through the increase in public awareness over the heroic deeds of the X-Men. Despite the sadness that marked 2014, the residents know their friends, family, and teammates gave their life for a common purpose: Xavier's dream of peacefully co-existing with humans. Therefore, the residents continue to promote Xavier's dream in the hopes that one day it will come true.