Overview of 2015

1. Frozen in Time! - In early June, Emily Fieron decided to escort any students and residents into town who wanted to go shopping. She accompanied Basis, Madison "Sage," and Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack." Upon reaching town, Em and Basis went to the post office while Madison and Izaak went to a store not far down the street. Once outside of the shop, Madison suddenly found everyone around her frozen in place, as though time had stopped. It was in this instant that Jocelyn Rodriguez "Cadence" emerged from around the corner of the building. Jocelyn was the ring leader of a former mutant gang that Madison had belonged to before coming to the Xavier Institute; Jocelyn had enlisted the help of Austin Carr, a member of the Acolytes, to kill Madison for betraying her group. Austin dragged Madison into the backroom of a store before using his control over vital systems to essentially kill her. When Jocelyn's time warping effects wore off five minutes later, Izaak found that Madison was nowhere in sight. He quickly comlinked Em and Basis for help. Arriving on the scene, Basis attempted to use his heightened hearing to listen for Madison, but the overpowering noise from the crowded streets was too much for him to handle. Em comlinked Cat and informed her of the situation. Cat teleported to the scene with Sam Guthrie "Cannonball." A search began of the immediate area; it wasn't long before Em stumbled upon Jocelyn, Austin, and Madison in the backroom of a store. Em informed Cat of the location and the rest of the group arrived at the given coordinates. A plan was quickly set in to motion to rescue Madison. Cat teleported into the room, tackling Jocelyn and teleporting her into a holding cell at the Xavier Institute. Basis burst into the backroom seconds later, tackling Austin as a distraction before Em could 'port' Austin into a holding cell as well. During this small rumble, Cannonball flew into the room, scooping up Madison and bursting out the other side of the room while Izaak remained outside the door to catch anyone attempting to escape. Cannonball flew Madison back to the mansion where she was given immediate attention from the medical staff. Three days later, Madison was released from the Medibay under strict orders to rest for the remainder of the week. Meanwhile, Jocelyn Rodriguez "Cadence" and Austin Carr were mentally interrogated by Emma Frost for clues and information about any future plans the Acolytes or Magneto may have in store.

2. V's a traitor? - Veronica Fieron "V" began viciously attacking Madison "Sage". The two had been previously best friends, thus causing the attack to be quite the surprise. It was later revealed that there was a chip implanted in V that connected with her physiological and mental capabilities, preventing her from stopping her own violent actions. After the chip was removed, V was immediately placed on temporary leave from all teaching and training duties to recuperate from the traumatic experience.

3. Carnival, Danger Room Style! - On the third weekend of June, Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat" unveiled her newest Danger Room simulation. The featureless room was suddenly transformed into a carnival, complete with rollercoaster rides, bumper cars, and carnival games in which any prizes a resident won was more than a hologram and could be taken out of the Danger Room with them. It was a huge success with more then half of the entire Xavier Institute population attending.

4. Modern Ninjas? - In early July, a plot was set by the brotherhood subgroup the Acolytes. The Acolytes assigned Dorian Lynd "Fury" the mission of destroying one of the largest buildings lining Times Square in NYC. The destruction of this building would cause high casualty rates among the human civilian population. A bomb was placed inside a public trash can outside the building, the explosion of which would trigger countless other bombs nearby, creating a domino effect of sorts. Dorian was supposed to use his heat vision to ignite the explosive device; however, he was stopped short by Shirina Elson "Ariel," who tackled him to the ground. Ayami Horobi lifted to trashcan from the ground and placed it safely in the air. Dorian attempted once more to detonate the explosive by hurtling fireballs towards the trashcan and then shielding Shirina with a dome of fire. The fireballs were deflected by the team efforts of Madison "Sage" and Ayami Horobi. Unbeknownst to Dorian, Mayumi Akita "Acid", a well known assassin amongst the brotherhood underground, had been ordered to follow Dorian to confirm the mission was a success. Upon seeing the X-Men intervene in the mission, Mayumi leapt in to assist Dorian. She captured Shirina as Ayami captured Dorian, creating a standoff as Cat, Emily Fieron "Em", Veronica Fieron "V", Izaak Shaw "Six Pack", and Madison "Sage" arrived on the scene. Dorian, not wanting any mutants to get hurt, convinced Ayami to trust him. When she threw Dorian at Mayumi, Dorian managed to snatch Shirina from Mayumi and create a fire wall to blow any of Mayumi's attacks. Simultaneously, Em ripped a portal beneath Mayumi, causing her to fall through only to remerge from a portal over the bay. Dorian was taken captive and placed in a holding cell until an interrogation could take place.

5. Jailbreak! - A few weeks after the Time Square plot was foiled Ionian Lynd "Flames", Dorian's twin sister, attempted to break him out of the holding cells at the Xavier Institute. The attempted breakout was halted when the duo ran into Cat and Shirina Elson who were on their way to visit Dorian, who Shirina wanted to thank for saving her life during the Times Square debacle. When Ionian moved to strike Shirina, Dorian moved between the two women and took the hit intended for Shirina. Cat was able to subdue Ionian briefly before she escaped to the main level where she was ultimately stopped by a swarm of X-men. Dorian was taken to the medibay and treated for injuries. He was later released and welcomed as a student and resident of the Xavier Institute.

Less than a week later, a student attempted to absorb energy from the power grid of the Xavier Institute, causing a massive outage. Large sections of the Institute were rendered inactive until security was able to reboot the system and bring up the power grid once more. During the brief 15 minute outage, several brotherhood members being detained in the holding cells attempted an escape, among them: Renee Carr "Illusion", Ionian Lynd "Flames", and Roxie Reiser. The X-men were quickly alerted to the breakout when Cat noticed the power had been deactivated to the holding cell level. The group made it through the tunnels leading out of the holding cells and in to the elevator, but were immediately intercepted by several X-men and a few notable students/residents, including: Cat, Shirina Elson "Ariel", Dorian Lynd "Fury", Sam Guthrie "Cannonball", Izaak Shaw "Six Pack", Madison "Sage", Veronica Fieron "V", and Basis. Through their combined efforts they were able to recapture Roxie and Ionian; however, Renee escaped.

6. Kidnapped - Renee Carr "Illusion" returned to the Xavier Institute with Alexandra Engler "Tether". These two were able to kidnap Madison "Sage" and transport her to a hideout in upstate New York. Madison was held captive for three full days and sustained several rib fractures, a cut to the side, and innumerable bruises. Early in the morning of the fourth day, a team was organized and sent forth to retrieve Madison after Cat was finally able to confirm her location. The mission was a success with only minor injuries for some of the members who participated.

7. Pua attacks! - Renee Carr "Illusion" returned once more in an attempt to kidnap Madison "Sage". At this point in time, Madison was still recovering in the medibay, having only been in the mansion for two days. Renee managed to gain control over Pua Leilane "Flora" while she was in the green house. Using her general mind control, she was able to force Pua to attack the mansion, diverting the X-men's attention while she forced Pua to launch a second attack upon the medibay. Luckily, Izaak Shaw was visiting Madison at the time and was able to rescue her from Pua's forced kidnapping attempts. When the X-men finally broke free of Pua's vine hold over the mansion, they were able to hit the back lawn and begin a form of offense. Shirina froze Pua's feet in place before Cat appeared behind Pua to catch her as she fell. Realizing she had lost, Renee fled the scene empty-handed. Pua was sent to recover in the medibay.

8. Ally turned enemy? Part 1 - After a training session in the danger room, Jason Knight "Obscurity" began antagonizing Dorian Lynd "Fury". This was the second instance after a training session that the two young men had almost broken into a brawl. Proceeding to the medibay for the required after training examinations, Madison, finally fed up with Jason, began to give him a piece of her mind - telling him to be quiet and stop bother Dorian. As they reached the medibay, Madison told Jason to "shove it", to which Jason replied, "Don't mind if I do." He cast dark lightning - two bolts of darkness and energy. Luckily Madison had entered the waiting room of the medibay and was surrounded by light, this part of Jason's dark lightning (the bolt of darkness) was weakened. The dark lightning attack struck Madison in the back and immediately caused her to collapse. Izaak, Madison's boyfriend, used all his strength to shove Jason into the hallway before Ayami used her barriers to separate the two men. Shirina comlinked Cat immediately and she arrived on the scene as Ayami and Shirina took Madison back into surgery -- Ayami being a surgery apprentice under Jean Grey and Shirina being a med student. Cat transported Jason to a holding cell. It was later discovered that a supposed chip, similar to one found in V Fieron, had been controlling him -- although many of the X-men and residents are skeptical.

9. Ally turned enemy? Part 2 - Waiting for the opportune moment, Jason Knight "Obscurity" managed to get Dorian Lynd "Fury" alone on the back lawn of the mansion. The two men argued over the status of Jason's allegiance to the brotherhood and the Acolytes. Finally admitting his current allegiance to the brotherhood, Jason threatened to kill Shirina Elson, Dorian's girlfriend at the mansion. Jason ran off into the forest, Dorian pursued. At this point in time, Madison "Sage" was returning from an evening walk. Spotting Dorian chasing after Jason, she went invisible and pursued the two men into the woods. Finally catching up with Dorian and Jason, Madison witnessed Jason attack Dorian. Being caught off guard, Dorian was severely injured. Madison performed a sneak attack, throwing Jason off balance with a blast before becoming visible to assist Dorian. Dorian used his fire abilities to repel Jason's darkness manipulations before Madison and Dorian went invisible and escaped. During the small battle, Madison's comlink was cracked, preventing it from calling out for help. Luckily, Madison's boyfriend, Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack" comlinked Madison to find her whereabouts. Through crackled communication, Madison was able to relay her location and the impending situation to Izaak. Izaak in turn informed Emily Fieron "Em" and Samira Qadir/Bethany Nelson "Dust". Em ported the trio into the woods. Sensing Jason's darkness manipulation, Em was able to locate him. She gave Samira the coordinates who then took off in sand form to protect Madison and Dorian. Em and Izaak ported in behind Jason. Samira arrived in time to find Madison, however, Dorian had confronted Jason once more. Jason attacked Dorian with dark lightning. Dorian collapsed. At this point, Em ported Jason in front of her before attacking him with her own fire and darkness abilities. As she fought him, Samira transported Dorian to the medibay in her sand form where he was stabilized. Izaak approached Jason from behind and was able to restrain him. At the end of the fight, Em ported the remaining people back to the mansion and deposited Jason in a holding cell.

10. Cat held an assembly for every X-men, student, and resident. She announced a new program being put into place. She informed the Xavier Institute residents that there would now be two teams of younger X-men and students/residents whose training and development would be facilitated by veteran X-men, and under the overall mentoring and tutelage of Cat.

The first team is the **The Corsairs** mentored by Jade Bennington "Noir", Ayami Horobi "Charm", and Rogue. Their squad will consist of: Basis, Hearing, Cassandra Stern "Cassie", Dorian Lynd "Fury", Hisako Ichiki "Armor", Izaak Shaw "Six Pack", Madison "Sage", Rusty Ravelli, Shirina Elson "Ariel", and Tara Snyder "Apparatus". Their team colors will be blue and white for training uniforms.

The second team is the **The Paragons** mentored by Gena Lee "Ajax", Damien DeVol, and Emily Fieron "Em". Their squad will consist of: Adi Turunen "Shamandalie", Azriel Caedex "One", Izumi, Jericho Derick, John Kingsford "Eagle", Lauren "Steam" and Leslie "Hex" McCully, Laurie Collins "Wallflower", Lias Achron "Brood", and Reyn Weaver. The team field leaders will be Reyn Weaver and Tara Snyder "Apparatus". Their team colors will be green and black with red accents for training uniforms.

Each team member would have individual training instructors to further train and develop their own skills in mutant abilities, special skills, and combat. Individual Training Instructors were yet to be announced.

11. In November, several Acolyte members, including Ionian Lynd, Roxie Rieser, Austin and Renee Carr, escaped from the holding cells with the assistance of former X-men, Samira Qadir/Bethany Nelson. Their release was discovered when Ionian and Roxie, disguised via Roxie's shape shifting ability, attacked Dorian Lynd. The duo escaped to the mansion's recreation room where the other escapees were waiting. When the X-men seemingly cornered the escapees, Samira approached the villains under the pretense that she was going to capture them. The moment she reached their group, she transported them into sand and they all fled out an open window. Ayami Horobi attempted to chase them down, but ultimately the group escaped. The mansion was once more torn as a trusted member, Samira Qadir, seemingly betrayed them.

12. In late November, a mission was set to rescue Kate Peters "Shrieker," Kraig Peter's younger sister. The mission was a success and resulted in Roxie Rieser's capture. Kate Peters returned to the Xavier Institute with Kraig and the other X-men, insisting it would not be a long stay.

13. In early December, Samira returned to the Xavier Institute under the false pretense of warning the headmistress, Cat, about a planned attack on the Xavier Institute on New Years Day. In actuality, Samira smuggled Ionian Lynd into the Xavier Institute to assist her in returning her twin brother Dorian Lynd to the brotherhood of evil mutants, specifically the Acolytes. Their plans were foiled, however, Dorian sustained several injuries to which Cassandra Stern, a new resident of the Xavier Institute, helped heal. Samira and Ionian were placed in a holding cell to await a session with the headmistress herself, Cat.

14. The year came to a close with Samira refusing to remain at the Xavier Institute, resulting in her choosing to sneak away from the X-men during a mission she had agreed to assist with in order to escape the holding cells and officially align with Magneto's brotherhood of mutants. Rebecca Holst, after being released from the holding cells in the Xavier Institute, joined the X-men for a brief time, only to ultimately rejoin the Acolytes in an attempt to sway her brother into joining Xavier's Institute with her. Luckily, the X-men were able to ring in the New Year with friends and family in peace, and celebrated the first year in which they did not need to bury a fellow teammate due to some catastrophe which always seemed to strike around the holidays.