Overview of 2016

1. Friends Depart - In January, after the celebrations ringing in the New Year had passed, a few residents and recent graduates decided to depart from the Xavier Institute. Jasmine Esquire "Ice Girl" and Pua Leilane "Flora" left with Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat" for new adventures. Victoria LeBeau "Venus" decided to once more pursue her dreams of becoming a rock star. Samantha Vebrea "Shock Wave" graduated  from the Xavier Institute and decided to attempt a normal life and pursue her musical interest as well. Veronica Darkholme and her fiancÚ Darien Darkholme moved into their own apartment off the mansion grounds in an attempt to establish a life away from the Institute and focus on their upcoming wedding.

2. Future Predictions - As Valentines Day drew near, all was not pleasant for one particular group of residents. Mae Sato, an Acolyte and avid brotherhood member, had cornered Madison "Sage" during a mission. Mae Sato predicted that Madison would die before her next birthday - she would be murdered. Madison's boyfriend, Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack" became increasingly worried when he discovered Madison's birthday was only a few short weeks away. Cat informed Izaak that she believed Madison would be attacked by David Hartford "Remus", another Acolyte and brotherhood member. Izaak trained battling simulations of Remus in the Danger Room. However, as Madison's birthday arrived and passed, it was discovered that the unforeseen kidnappings of Ayami Horobi and Veronica Fieron "V" (See #3 for details) altered the chain of events leading to Madison's murder and proving that Mae Sato's predictions were just that - predictions, not fate.

3. Bittersweet Rescue - In March, the X-men set out to rescue a young mutant who was in transit to be handed over to the brotherhood. The X-men were able to rescue the young mutant, "Magic", but at the cost of their friends - Ayami Horobi and Veronica "V" Fieron - being kidnapped in the process.

4. Rescued At Last - In May, the X-men finally located their kidnapped teammates, Ayami Horobi and Veronica Fieron "V". A mission was brought quickly together and the team set forth to rescue the two young women. The women were found in a frail state, but Jade Bennington "Nightwish" was able to phase them to the safety of the X-jet. The pair was transported back to the Xavier Institute where they were treated at the resident medical center - the Medibay.

5. Dancing Delirium - For a breather, Cat took the mansion's high school students to a local dance club, having rented out the second level specifically for the Xavier Institute students. Halfway through the event, Lexi Reiser arrived under the guise of a student. Using her shapeshifting abilities, she was able to tap into telekinetic abilities in order to strike up a small fight while simultaneously injuring Dorian Lynd in order to distract the X-men chaperoning the event. While the X-men chaperones broke up the fight and Dorian's friends assisted him, an unprotected Madison "Sage" was whisked away from the club by Lexi Reiser, who had shapeshifted into Emily Fieron "Em" and tapped into her teleporting abilities. By the time the X-men located Madison in the parking garage behind the club, Mae Sato had already read Madison's newest future predictions. As the X-men prepared a surprise attack, their plans were foiled when Ayami Horobi attacked Lexi Reiser, who had shapeshifted once more, mistaking Lexi for Mayumi Akita "Acid" - the women who had kidnapped Ayami and Veronica Fieron months earlier. With their cover blown, a haphazard rescue went into effect. In the process, with Lexi's usual antics, Madison was injured in a crossfire between Lexi and Ayami. Jade Bennington managed to phase Madison to the safety of the bus while Shirina Elson "Ariel" and Andy Weiser "Firestorm" evacuated the students from the club and into the safety of the school buses. Lexi eventually retreated, leaving behind a captured Mae Sato who had added Izaak Shaw's future predictions to her mental roster. Cat ordered everyone back to the bus, leaving her and Mae Sato to talk. Ultimately, for reasons not given, Cat released Mae Sato to return to the Acolytes and the brotherhood. The X-men returned the Xavier Institute, and all the injured students and X-men were taken to the Medibay to be treated, leaving a Izaak Shaw and Madison to contemplate what new predictions Mae Sato had made.

6. Siblings Divided - In June, Kaliska Kala'u-yomi "Miwok", a former Acolyte and brotherhood member, was released from the holding cells and in to the custody of Aidan Mitchell "Cobalt". The McCully twins, still under Aidan's protective detail after being kidnapped the previous year, were divided on their feelings of an Acolyte member being allowed to live at the Xavier Institute. Lauren felt uneasy with Kaliska around, given previous Acolyte's past track records with turning on the X-men and attacking her friends. Leslie, however, was eager to use Kaliska to gain information about the Acolytes. After an argument between the siblings in the garden of the Xavier Institute, Leslie snuck off the mansion grounds, refusing to remain at the Xavier Institute with her sister, Lauren. Not long after leaving the mansion grounds, Leslie was approached by Renee Carr, who used her powers of illusion to implant false memories into Leslie's mind and ultimately sway her into joining the Acolytes.

7. Mission Gone Wrong - In August, Dorian Lynd, Damien DeVol, and Adrian Grace disappeared after an intel mission gone south. In September, Damien DeVol was recovered, and Dorian Lynd was suspected as being held prisoner in the brotherhood hideout in Nebraska. The X-men launched a rescue mission, which ended up being successful.

8. Kidnapped - In October, Dorian finally awoke from his coma. Upon waking, he began having flashbacks from his time spent in captivity in the brotherhood hideout. Before long, Dorian recalled a plan he had overheard which involved infiltrating the mansion. After attempting to inform the nursing staff, who thought he was delirious, Dorian escaped the Medibay in an attempt to stop the brotherhood himself. Dorian discovered the brotherhood in the boathouse near the mansion grounds. After a brief battle, the X-men, having been informed of Dorian's absence and spread out to look for him, arrived on the scene. A second battle took place. This battle resulted in injuries on both sides, and ultimately the kidnapping of Madison "Sage."

9. Returned - In November, Madison was finally located and rescued..