Overview of 2017


1. Battle: Washington D.C. The X-men have been enjoying their popularity among the general populous for nearly two years, which is a huge success considering seven years ago the Mutant Registration Act and mutant detention centers were passed into law. These detention centers were only recently closed down in the last two years. However, the X-men are discovering that not everything good can last. Recently in a battle between the X-men and Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the X-men intercepted information about an impending Brotherhood attack on five major cities, including: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Washington D.C.; unfortunately, the X-men arrived too late to stop the explosion and subsequent leveling of Los Angeles and Washington D.C. With the subsequent massacres at Los Angeles and Washington D.C., hundreds of thousands of civilian lives were lost, including government officials. Among these casualties was the President of the United States, who had never been overly pro-mutant but was also willing to engage in diplomatic discussions and believed that not all mutantkind was "evil." The new President, former Vice President, has a history of supporting anti-mutant legislation and has never been one for supporting the former President's pro-mutant diplomatic choices. The X-Men have quickly begun attempting to engage in diplomatic discussions with the new President; however, their efforts have been unsuccessful. The X-Men have also made a noticeable effort in sending relief and aid to the cities affected by the Brotherhood's destruction. Despite their efforts, the X-Men have begun to notice mutantkind's slip from the general populous' favor, as news media stations around the nation have begun publicizing anti-mutant headlines and propaganda, leading the X-Men to fear for what lies ahead.

2. S.H.I.E.L.D. Takes Over. After the devastating effects of the Brotherhood attack in five major cities, including the subsequent leveling of Los Angeles and Washington D.C., the X-men have suffered several major setbacks, including the sudden decline in the general public's favor and the induction of an anti-mutant President. News stations across the nation were either broadcasting the funeral of the former President, the induction of the new President – the former Vice President known for anti-mutant legislation, or anti-mutant propaganda and an outcry for vengeance. It's all the X-Men could do, especially those veteran to the Xavier Institute, to merely sit by and watch. A storm was coming, and the X-Men knew it. Two nights after the Brotherhood’s assault around the nation, the Xavier Institute was infiltrated by SHIELD agents. The new President had ordered SHIELD to cease and desist all X-Men activities, and detain anyone in the Xavier Institute. After battling the SHIELD agents throughout the building, the X-Men were soon overrun. Cat made the decision to retreat and evacuate the entire building through the emergency evacuation tunnels, known as the Morlock Tunnels, in the sub-levels of the mansion. The X-men fought back SHIELD agents in order to buy time for students and residents to safely enter the Morlock Tunnels with other faculty and staff. Emily Fieron “Em” used her darkness teleportation abilities to portal all the MediBay occupants and nursing staff to Rage’s Hideout, a mutant haven run by Cat’s older brother Rage. Once all the students and residents had evacuated the building, Cat gave the order for the X-Men to fall back. With everyone safely into the tunnels, Cat had Em place the mansion on emergency shutdown with the sequence to detonate if the X-Men had not returned in two weeks time. Cat then sealed the tunnels, escaping to the Alley, the subterranean mutant town in the New York City sewer system.

3. Morlock Tunnels. A mere ten hours after the SHIELD onslaught on the Xavier Institute, the X-Men took shelter and refuge in the Alley, the Morlock’s subterranean city in the New York City sewer system. Most of the students and residents slept in the city square, while the X-Men attempted to rest and regain their strength. After speaking with Callisto, the leader of the Morlocks, Cat was informed her people would need to leave the Alley in four hours time. Callisto was concerned the X-Men’s presence in the Alley would draw unwanted attention from the Brotherhood, or worse SHIELD. Cat, understanding Callisto’s concerns, made plans to relocate her people to Rage’s Hideout. After calculating the number of students and residents they had, Cat split them into twelve groups of twenty people. Cat then selected a dozen X-Men to escort each group. While Cat selected the X-Men for each group, Jessica Zander “Blade” gathered the students and residents for each group. Cat would stagger the departure of each group by twenty minutes, with each group taking various exits. Cat also instructed each group to keep their power usage to a minimum until they reached Rage’s Hideout. As groups were departing, a former student and resident, Joshua Conner “Jolt,” tracked the X-Men to the Alley by following their comlink frequencies. Having heard of the attack on the mansion, Josh had decided to return to help in any way possible. Josh, now codenamed Voltage, had grown to control his powers more over the years he was absent from the Xavier Institute. Cat, glad to have any extra help, assigned Josh to one of the last groups leaving the Morlock Tunnels. As the last group was preparing to leave, Connor Holst “Iniquity,” a Acolyte and Brotherhood member, arrived in the Morlock Tunnels to warn Cat that Mayumi Akita “Acid,” Ionian Lynd “Flames,” Jason Knight “Obscurity,” and Samira Qadir/Bethany Nelson “Dust” were using the mutant tracking abilities of Jiya Opalante “Tracker” to try to hunt down the X-Men. Connor feared they were attempting to locate two former Brotherhood members who had joined the X-Men to exact their revenge. Connor also feared they may be looking to start a fight with various members of the X-Men. After thanking Connor for the information, the last group of X-Men departed for Rage’s Hideout.

4. Journey to the Hideout (Part 1). Having left the Alley, home of the Morlocks, the X-Men are journeying to Rage’s Hideout in a collection of 12 separate groups. Little is known about Rage or his hideout, other than he is the older brother of the Xavier Institute’s headmistress, Cat. One group of X-Men escorting students had residents stopped for the afternoon in an abandoned house outside of the city, on their way to Rage's Hideout. The consisted of Alicia Horobi-Weiser “Magic,” Ayami Horobi “Charm,” Cat, Dorian Lynd “Fury,” Emily Fieron “Em,” Hisako Ichiki “Armor,” Hope Abbott “Trance,” Izaak Shaw “Six-Pack,” Jessica Zander “Blade,” Josh Connor “Voltage,” Lauren McCulley “Steam,” Madison “Sage,” Ororo Munroe “Storm,” and an assortment of 20 other students and residents. Cat had set up a series of security checkpoints around the abandoned house, including Josh and Ororo covering the rooftop, Jessica covering the back door, and Cat covering the front door. Dorian had recently returned from the nearby town with supplies, primarily consisting of food and drinks. While Dorian and Izaak distributed the supplies to the students and residents in the kitchen, Madison, Lauren, and Alicia were taking a small walk around the abandoned house’s property line. At this time, a small scouting group of agents, who had tracked the X-Men based on the use of mutant abilities by a variety of students and residents, arrived at the abandoned house. The group open fired tranquilizer darts on those present outside the house. Cat was unable to evade, due to exhaustion and lack of focus. Moments before hitting the ground, she managed to hit her comlink, allowing the other X-men to hear the noise of her body hitting the ground and alert them to danger. Madison, spotting a dart hit Lauren’s shoe, forced Alicia, Lauren, and herself to disappear from sight under the guise of invisibility. Meanwhile, Josh and Storm unleashed lightning in an offensive move against the agents while Lauren pulled up a thick, foggy mist to shield their whereabouts. Izaak and Dorian had students and residents take shelter in the basement of the house. Izaak, with Dorian providing cover, managed to recover Cat’s body and pull her back into the safety of the house. Em, having spotted the footsteps of Madison and the others in the wet grass, forced a portal open to transport them back into the house, but closed the portal before Madison could enter. The X-men then provided a full-on assault against the agents. Ayami provided Jessica with a protective metallic layer in order to recover Madison who had been hit by a live round of ammunition. Once everyone was safe inside, Em ripped a portal open in the basement of the house to evacuate all the students, residents, and injured away from the house, taking them to Oyster Bay, NY – 30 miles from New York City. To help buy Em time to evacuate everyone, Ayami disabled all the metallic weaponry and Dorian disabled all the plastic weaponry. Jessica and Storm then took out the agents north of the house while Dorian and Izaak took care of the agents west and east of the house. Towards the end of the battle, Storm lost control of her emotions and slipped into a mental state of disillusionment. Storm began retaliating against even her fellow X-Men, going so far as to zap Ayami with a bolt of lightning. After Jessica managed to catch Ayami after falling from the sky, Jessica informed Dorian to disable Storm, knowing that more agents would arrive soon to reinforce the scouting party. Dorian managed to get swept up in Storm’s ferocious winds and encase Storm in a fire sphere, burning out the oxygen and suffocating Storm to the point of unconsciousness. Izaak managed to catch Storm as she fell from the sky, but Dorian was badly injured after slamming into a car upon his descent. Jessica managed to get Ayami and Dorian back into the house, while Izaak carried Storm. Between Jessica, Izaak, Lauren, and Alicia, everyone was brought down into the basement and evacuated into Em’s portal. Em finally sealed off the portal just as more agents arrived. At Oyster Bay, the group found themselves on a small cove along the bay, and took refuge in a cave nearby. Jessica and Em tended to the wounded while everyone rested and regained their strength. Once Storm came to, after discovering what she had down, she immediately fled the cave, needing time to reflect on her actions.

5. Journey to the Hideout (Part 2). At the end of the month of May, the X-Men have taken refuge in a cave located in a small cove along Oyster Bay in New York. Cat checked in with the group she was leading before contacting the other groups about the upcoming rendezvous at Rage's Hideout. She would designate various X-Men to watch posts, including Lias "Brood" to watching over the students and residents relaxing on the beach just outside the cave entrance within their small cove. While residing at the cove, the X-Men stumbled upon Charlotte Moser "Vinea," a young mutant who was a resident of Oyster Bay, NY. After a miscommunication and getting off to the wrong foot, the X-Men were able to convince Charlotte that they were not the Brotherhood or SHIELD agents. Charlotte updated the group on the current happenings around the United States, given they had been out of touch with the news since their abrupt departure from the Xavier Institute. Fearing being discovered in her own town, she decided to join the X-Men on their journey to Rage's Hideout, hoping to eventually return with them to the Xavier Institute.

6. Journey to the Hideout (Part 3). The group would eventually depart Oyster Bay, NY and continue traveling by foot to the hideout. Lauren McCully "Steam" had created an ice bridge over Long Island Sound in order for the entire group to quickly leave New York and enter Connecticut. During the scouting party, Cat and Jessica's team had stumbled upon a seemingly mutant-friendly farming family who was more than willing to allow the group to stay in their empty barn until nightfall when the group would travel to the rendezvous point. In the mean time, Cat, Jessica, and Sara Zander had left the group and gone to New Haven, a town not far from where they were located, to set up the rendezvous point for transport to Rage's Hideout. Cat had instructed an assortment of X-men to remain at the barn and guard to students and residents, including Em, who would serve as an emergency escape if her portal became needed. For a few others, however, Cat had provided alternative instructions. She had assigned Ayami Horobi "Charm", Dorian Lynd "Fury", Madison "Sage", Hisako Ichiki "Armor", Rusty Ravelli, and Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack" to go into Orange city, the closest town, for supplies to hold the group over for one night. She had assigned Ayami to lead Rusty and Hisako, and assigned Izaak to lead Madison and Dorian. She figured between two groups, one would be lucky enough to get supplies if the other one ran into trouble. Of course, Izaak's group would find itself in trouble as it ran into several Brotherhood members, including Jocelyn Rodriguez, Bethany Nelson (aka Samira Qadir), and Ionian Lynd. Jocelyn and Bethany would transport Dorian to a rooftop for a fight with Ionian, while Madison and Izaak found themselves busy with SHIELD soldiers. By the time Izaak's team and Ayami's team would reach Dorian, Ionian had already severely injured Dorian. Luckily, by chance, a mutant known as Nadia Karpov "Lady Chaos" happened upon the group and offered her assistance. Thanks to her help, Dorian was kept alive long enough for Damien DeVol to arrive on the scene and heal him. Nadia, however, unaware of what had transpired, inadvertently helped the Brotherhood escape, causing tension between her and several X-Men. Ultimately, Damien and Ayami allowed Nadia to leave and returned their own group to the barn with supplies.

7. Arriving at the Hideout. Cat and the Zander twins returned to the barn near Orange City and New Haven. Cat escorted the group with the other X-men to the new rendezvous point in New Haven where they met Justin Stillman "Slipstream" who transported the group to Rage's Hideout. As all the groups reunited, a former X-Men - Joshua Connor - was reunited with his former girlfriend, Shirina Elson. This caused some tension between Shirina's boyfriend Dorian Lynd and ex-boyfriend Joshua Connor as Josh realized he and Shirina were no longer an item. The group also met a new mutant, Samantha Cooper, who was a new arrival at Rage's Hideout, but would eventually return with the X-Men to the Xavier Institute. At the food hall, there was a brief misunderstanding between two members of Rage's Guard, Justin Stillman "Slipstream" and Kelsey Roanoke "Dynamo," and a member of the X-Men, Dorian Lynd "Fury." The Guard members believed Dorian to be a Brotherhood member, being unaware that he left the Brotherhood a couple years ago and joined the X-Men. After a brief fight, in which many members of the X-Men came to Dorian's side, Rage and Cat immediately stopped the scene from progressing further and cleared up the misunderstanding.

8. Recruitment. In June, having settled into Rage's Hideout, Cat began organizing missions for intel gathering among other missions. Cat has called Shirina Elson, Basis, Dorian Lynd, Veronica Fieron, Lauren McCully, Izaak Shaw, and Madison to meet at the fountain at the center of Rage's Hideout. She also informed them to change into their temporary Guard uniforms which Rage had made custom for the X-men, rather than have them fight in street clothes. The mission that day was to recruit Nadia Karpov "Lady Chaos" into the X-Men and stop her from being taken into the Brotherhood. This was the first formal mission for many of the X-men who had been inducted into the X-men days before the mansion was attacked in April/May. During the mission, the group encountered a Brotherhood team consisting of Jocelyn Rodriguez "Cadence," Bethany Nelson (aka Samira Qadir), Aria De Luca "Spitfire," and Roxie Rieser. After a small fight, the X-men were able to sway Nadia into joining the X-men over the Brotherhood. Everyone returned to the hideout relatively unharmed.

9. A New Threat. In mid-June, Cat sent the X-men out on another mission. This time they infiltrated a government medical facility to gain intel on a new tranquilizer dart that had been created based on the "cure" serum nearly a decade earlier. After acquiring the serum, the X-men began attempting to discover its function and purpose. Cat sent the X-men out on yet another mission a few days later, this time infiltrating the primary government production facility for the serum. They downloaded the files from the computer main frames and discovered the dart would temporarily disable a mutant's powers for a 24 hour timeframe.

10. Return to the Xavier Institute. Unbeknownst to the X-men, students, and residents, Cat and several veteran X-men discovered that the Brotherhood had set-up a wide variety of radiation dispensers throughout several major cities in hopes that mass radiation exposure would force the mutant gene to bloom and flourish in the human population. However, the radiation dispensers were actually causing the human population to become sick and, in some cases, die. Upon discussing the issue at hand, Cat and the veteran X-men decided strike a deal with the government and SHIELD operatives which would prevent any further witch hunts for mutants and allow the X-men to return safely to the Xavier Institute as long as the X-men agreed to locate and disable the radiation dispensers. Cat and the veteran X-men began to train the X-men (both new and old) in the newly rebuilt Danger Room to find, locate, and detain the radiation dispensers. However, Cat knew that once the usefulness of the X-men was gone, the government and SHIELD would continue to hunt mutants. Therefore, Cat moved all the radiation dispensers that were located and detained to a secret, secure location in order to ensure the government and SHIELD operatives no longer hunted mutants.

11. Holiday Celebrations. The Xavier Institute rang in the holidays in a cheerful and happy environment surrounded by friends and family. While the year started off rather rough and remained a struggle throughout the summer, the X-men enjoyed a safe and quiet end to the long, hard year at the Xavier Institute.