Overview of 2018


1. Rescue of Dorian Lynd. Despite 2017 ending quietly, 2018 started with a bang. Dorian Lynd was kidnapped while in town after being overpowered by several Brotherhood members. In early February, Cat sent in a team consisting of Andy Weiser and Madison "Sage" to intercept the convoy carrying Dorian Lynd in Arizona. The interception went smoothly until Ionian Lynd emerged from one of the vehicles in the convoy, engaging in a battle which resulted with Dorian being blasted over the edge of a cliff, only to be caught and saved by Andy. Madison called for back-up, finding her call for help answered by Cat, Ayami Horobi, Alicia Horobi-Weiser, Shirina Elson, and Basis. Ionian was subdued and secretly tagged with a tracking device. The team was extracted from Arizona, boarded the X-jet, and all returned safely back to the Xavier Institute. Cat would hand the tracking device intel for Ionian Lynd over to the mansion's security team in order to locate the home base of the Brotherhood.

2. Return of Joshua Connors "Voltage". In February, Joshua Connors returned to the mansion officially. Even though he had returned to assist the X-men during the traumatic events of 2017, it had only been temporary. However, having settled his own personal issues in his life, he felt comfortable returning to the mansion.

3. Rising in the Ranks. In late February, Izaak Shaw was appointed to a second position in the X-men ranks as a training instructor in the danger room. This decision was made by Cat, the Zander twins, SilverCat, Kraig Peters, Emily Fieron, and Jean Grey after it was determined another staff member was needed, considering the growing student population at the Xavier Institute.

4. Secrets. In late February, Sara Zander brought Izaak Shaw with her to the city on unofficial business that was considered "off the books." Izaak discovered that Damien DeVol was being secretly treated in the city by a known Brotherhood member, Mae Sato. Nearly a month before, Damien was found collapsed outside the garage. SilverCat checked him out in the Medibay, but there didn't seem to be anything medically wrong with him even though he had fallen into a coma. After conversing with several veteran X-men on the matter, Cat had decided to entrust Damien's non-traditional medical treatments to Mae Sato, who had offered to use ancient Japanese healing methods in an attempt to help. Cat decided to keep this decision, and Damien's condition, a secret from the rest of the X-men and mansion. As part of their agreement, the Zander twins would make regular, unannounced check-ups on Damien at Mae Sato's clinic in the city. During their visit, Izaak expressed his distaste for the current arrangement, and Sara understood but did not disagree with the arrangements, wanting to do what ever it takes for Damien to get better.

5. The Emergence of the Brood. In early March, Lias Achron's dormant powers emerged, as his insect link brought about the emergence of the Brood. The expansion of his powers led to Lias temporarily losing control and the Brood becoming unleashed upon the mansion. After battling off the Brood and a few injuries being sustained by various X-men, Cat and Joshua Connors were able to help Lias Achron regain control of the Brood and transport the Brood into holding cells until it could be determined how to handle them. Cat then escorted Lias and other X-men to the Medibay to be treated for injuries.

6. The Distraction. In March, the Acolytes sent David Hartford "Remus" to the mansion solely as a distraction from their current mission goals. David's only purpose was to cause havoc. After his brief attack on the mansion, David was detained by Em Fieron in the holding cells of the mansion.

7. Rescue Mission. In late March, the X-men were deployed on a rescue mission led by Cat. Lauren McCully had been captured by the Acolytes after being lured into a trap by her sister, Leslie McCully, a former student at the Xavier Institute who later became a Brotherhood member by joining the Acolytes. A team consisting of Basis, Piotr Rasputin "Colossus," Shirina Elson "Ariel," Dorian Lynd "Fury," Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack," Veronica Fieron "V," Tara Snyder "Apparatus," and Joshua Connors "Voltage" entered an Acolyte compound. After fighting off Jason Knight "Obscurity" and Leslie McCully, the X-men were able to rescue Lauren McCully. However, despite being physically injured, Lauren's biggest injuries were mental - having been betrayed by her sister.

8. Arrival of the Enemy. In early May, the X-men were shocked by the arrival of Erik Lehnsherr "Magneto" at the Xavier Institute. Magneto had come in peace for a negotiation's meeting with the headmistress BlackCat, who had knowingly neglected to mention his arrival to the student body in an attempt to prevent mass panic or general loitering in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the head of the Brotherhood. During their meeting, Magneto revealed his primary concern was his youngest daughter, Iris Eisenhardt "Smoke," who had received threats along with the rest of her family by the new mutant group Exalted X - later revealed to be the Brotherhood's subgroup the Acolytes who had broken off from the Brotherhood. Magneto wanted Iris enrolled at the Xavier Institute, citing his longtime friendship with Charles Xavier as reason enough for this request to be granted, as well as provided a protection detail from one of the X-men. Being in a position of power over the negotiations, Cat provided her list of demands: 1) any and all hits issued for BlackCat, her family, any former Brotherhood members seeking refuge at the Xavier Institute, and any of students and X-men becomes null and void immediately, 2) the Brotherhood member, currently unidentified, attempting to infiltrate the mansion's database be removed from the mansion grounds that day, and 3) BlackCat reserves the right to invoke the Brotherhood's assistance in the event a force comes along that is too great to handle by the X-men alone, meaning that she can call on the Brotherhood for assistance and have total compliance from the Brotherhood without fear of being turned on. Afterwards both sides agreed to the terms and conditions. Magneto then brought his daughter, Iris, to the Xavier Institute. Upon her arrival, BlackCat summoned Izaak Shaw "Six Pack," revealing that he would be Iris' assigned protective detail. Magneto would then take his leave as Sara Zander, Iris' half-sister, escorted her to her room in the mansion while Cat filled Izaak in on the details.

9. Mandatory Meeting. The following day, after Magneto's daughter Iris' arrival at the Xavier Institute, Cat called a mandatory meeting for all X-men in the danger room. The meeting log is the following:

::As all the X-men had finally filed into and taken seats in the "auditorium" that had been created in the Danger Room. Emerald green hues gazed out across the countless faces of X-men, some she had been trained by and some she had trained herself.:: Thank you for assembling on such short notice. Recently I held a meeting with Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto. ::She paused as the quiet murmurs picked up momentarily before dying down once more.:: Magneto wanted to enroll his youngest daughter, Iris Eisenhardt, at our school due to his personal concerns as well as safety concerns. ::Without mentioning his personal concerns, she continued with the safety concerns.:: Recently the Acolytes, a Brotherhood sub-group, have split off from the Brotherhood and created their own mutant group; calling themselves Exalted X and being led by SilverBlade. This new mutant group believes the Brotherhood is no longer remaining true to its original ideals, and has not only called for Brotherhood members to join them but has also directly threatened Magneto and his family. ::She paused once more as the murmurs rose amongst the gathered X-men. After the murmurs died down, she proceeded.:: It is believed that Exalted X may be more... extremist than the Brotherhood. I believe that Exalted X is going to focus most of its attention on our school, specifically the X-men, given how many of you have personal vendettas and rivalries with members of the Acolytes... Exalted X. Do not be surprised if you are given a new assignment in the next few days in order to increase security at the school. If you have any questions or concerns, generate a line outside my office, first come first serve for answering questions. ::With that she would step away from the podium and proceed out of the danger room as chatter soared amongst the X-men gathered in the auditorium.::

10. Training Sessions. In May, after the bombshell of information about the new mutant group, Exalted X, Cat had made the decision to hold a series of training sessions during which the X-men would practice training with other X-men they were not accustomed to working with in order to better prepare them for potential scenarios down the road. During one training session, Izaak Shaw "Six Pack," Basis, Lias Acheron "Brood," Piotr Rasputin "Colossus," Dorian Lynd "Fury," Madison "Sage," and Sara Zander "Inferno" practiced battling against Veronica Fieron "V" and a simulation of Samira Qadir "Dust." It was revealed that Veronica Fieron "V" had been assigned to a infiltration mission in order to gain more intel on Exalted X, and this training session was focused on also help her become accustomed to having to fight her friends and teammates if the situation were to ever arise.

11. Training Sessions. In late May, another training session occurred with Ayami Horobi "Charm," Basis, Matt Camposa "Ignition," Dorian Lynd "Fury," Veronica Fieron "V," Charlotte Moser "Vinea," Piotr Rasputin "Colossus," Madion "Sage," and Aidan Mitchell "Cobalt." The session was designed to test the team's stealth during a rescue mission. Piotr Rasputin "Colossus" took the lead on the mission, being the senior X-men present. Madison "Sage" and Veronica Fieron "V" were the two X-men who have been captured and in need of rescue from a government compound during the simulation.

12. Arrival of Family. In the early days of June, the Xavier Institute welcomed another student, Katerina Rasputin "Hatter", Piotr Rasputin's "Colossus" youngest sister. While processing her arrival, the headmistress was alerted to a mansion breach near Breakstone Lake. Austin Carr "Atrophy" and Samira Qadir/Bethany Nelson "Dust" had entered the mansion grounds via the lake side in an effort to capture Magneto's daughter, Iris Eisenhardt "Smoke." Fortunately, Iris' security detail, Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack", was present and able to protect Iris from being abducted and kidnapped by Exalted X members. The battle was eventually brought to an end when the headmistress subdued Austin Carr while Samira Qadir fled. Austin Carr was transported to the holding cells while the others reported to the Medibay for relatively minor injuries. The following day, the mansion found itself welcoming the return of Matt Fieron, who had been absent for well over a year. He was greeted by his sisters, Emily Fieron and Veronica Fieron, as well as his long-time girlfriend Izumi.

13. All Is Well That Ends Well. In the middle of June, Cat permitted a couple students - Katerina Rasputin "Hatter" and Alicia Horobi - to shadow on a low-risk intel mission with a handful of X-men, including Cat, Madison "Sage", Piotr Rasputin "Colossus", Andy Weiser "Firestorm", Veronica Fieron "V", Dorian Lynd "Fury", Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack", and Ayami Horobi "Charm". Around midnight, the X-men were returning on the Blackbird after a small successful intel mission. The students were processing the mission with their respective X-men family members when the jet was attacked by a series of sentinels. While Ayami Horobi used her magnetism abilities to keep the jet in the air during the attack after the engines were damaged, Veronica Fieron used her magnetism abilities to take out the aerial Sentinel Strikers who were pursuing them. After a brief moment of feeling a false sense of security, the jet was rocked again by a series of sentinels composed almost entirely without metal. At this point, Andy Weiser joined Veronica Fieron at the back of the jet, strapping into a harness, before using his pyrokinesis to take out the remaining sentinels. Unfortunately, due to the damage the jet had taken, the jet was brought to a crash landing. Surviving with only minor injuries, the X-men quickly moved to make the repairs to the jet. Fortunately, Alicia Horobi was able to repair the majority of the damages through her transmutation abilities. The group returned safely to the mansion without further incident.

14. Daytrip. In July, the headmistress, Cat, had announced that students and residents would be accompanied on a daytrip into the city, allowing them to get out of the mansion for a while and shop, see a movie, or do whatever it was that teens and children do when meandering around the city. Naturally Cat had picked the mall in the city which had its own theater, essentially restricting the students to the perimeters of the mall while Cat, Sara Zander, and Dorain Lynd "chaperoned," a nice way of saying they were keeping an eye out for them. Naturally any residents or students who had physical mutations were given holowatches to help them blend in with the civilian population, necessary precautions to prevent any riots, police, or sentinels from occupying the mall. Meanwhile, Veronica Fieron "V" and Piotr Rasputin "Colossus" were in town wedding shopping for their upcoming wedding. Soon after arriving at the mall, Piotr and Veronica joined the X-men in a fight against David Hartford "Remus" and Mayumi Akita "Acid" who had coincidentally been spending the day at the mall when they spotted Dorian Lynd and decided to engage in a fight. During the fight, David used his abilities of power control to force Piotr to attack Veronica, who used almost all her energy to stop Piotr from attacking her. Ultimately, Katerina Rasputin "Hatter", who had been attending the daytrip as a student, stepped in an subdued her brother with her own abilities by conjuring a sleeping toxin. After the ensuing battle, David and Mayumi were rendered useless as the X-men evacuated the students as subtly as possible from the mall only to return to the Xavier Institute. While the X-men returned the students to the mansion, Cat teleported Piotr and Veronica back to the medibay after they had sustained severe injuries. The couple received treatment for their injuries and recovered.

15. Battle for Damien DeVol. In July, the X-men were informed of Damien's whereabouts, where it was revealed that he had been receiving treatment from Mae Sato - a known Exalted X member. The team had received word that Damien's location had been compromised and a handful of Exalted X members were going in to either kidnap or kill him. After a heated battle between a series of X-men and Exalted X members, Damien DeVol was safely returned to the Xaiver Institute. Damien was taken to the medibay where a nurse informed the team that he was awake and recovering well.

16. Over the course of the year, students were trained in the danger room and placed on student squads similar to the ones current X-men were on in previous years.

17. Wedding Bells. In the fall of 2018, Piotr Rasputin and Veronica Fieron were married. Many X-men were in attendance at the wedding.