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Brief History Overview Since 2010

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Current Year: 2020

Upcoming Developments (Updated 04 November 2014)

* Illusions and Shadows - Renee and Jason return to the mansion.

* Revenge is a dish best served cold - The rescue mission of Izaak Shaw.


Past Developments (Updated 04 November 2014)

1. Rescue Mission. The mansion had been on high alert due to several kidnappings of X-men and students alike who had former affiliations with the Brotherhood and Exalted X. Veronica Fieron Rasputin "V" and Madison "Sage" had gone on a recon mission to follow up leads that might potentially to the rescue of the mission Xavier Institute residents. However, the mission was a dead end and ultimately led to V and Madi's capture. Once the headmistress, Cat, had not received a transmission check-in from the two young X-Women, she assigned Sara Zander "Inferno" to track them down. Sara was able to track down the missing two women, and a rescue mission was put together. The mission, consisting of Cat, Piotr Rasputin "Colossus", Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack", Ayami Horobi "Charm", Alicia Horobi-Weiser "Magic", and Basis. The mission was a success with mostly minor injuries.

2. Bodies Hit The Fence. Exalted X decided to finally show their cards by unveiling the reasoning behind the kidnappings. They brought the six kidnapped victims, consisting of Dorian Lynd, Lucas Weiser, Jayden Amberry, and three unnamed students, to the Xavier Institute in the black of night. Exalted X members tied the badly beaten and tortured six to the Xavier Institute fence, and then Austin Carr used his abilities to stop the hearts of all six victims. Exalted X had one of their speedy mutants attach a note to the Xavier mansion door with a warning stating that the X-men should stay out of their way, and hinted that they should check the fence line to see that Exalted X meant business. Cat and Piotr Rasputin were the first on the scene, followed shortly by Veronica Fieron Rasputin. They were able to get the bodies off the fence while Cat teleported them to the medibay, where Dr. Ayami Horobi-Weiser was on standby. All were revived with the exception of one student. The mansion was rocked by the shock of the brutal display and the sorrow of losing one of their own.

3. Dorian Lynd Attacks. Upon waking up in the medibay, Dorian Lynd's mind was not his own. A device planted in his head caused hallucinations that he was still being held captive by Exalted X. While trying to escape the presumed captivity, he inadvertently attacked his own friends and teammates. Veronica Fieron Rasputin was able to remove the device from his head, but not before Dorian had severely injured and melted sections of Piotr Rasputin's organic metal, sending him to the medibay for medical treatment.

4. Bethany Returns. Bethany returned to the mansion, bypassing security in her sand-shifted form. She attacked Dorian Lynd who was on the beach of Breakstone Lake. She tried to find out if he had killed or injured anyone. Dorian, in a weakened state and still recovering, was unable to fight back. However, before Bethany could do any serious damage, Jayden Amberry, Piotr Rasputin, Veronica Fieron Rasputin, and Cat arrived in time to save him. Bethany was captured in a joint effort by Cat and Piotr. Bethany was sent to the medibay to recover, and then later sent to the holding cells as a prisoner.

5. Alleyway Fight (Rescue Lauren). Lauren McCully was the last of the kidnapped victims and unable to be located. Out of the blue, Lauren contacted Madison via comlink, claiming she had escaped and needed to be picked up in town. Madison and Izaak Shaw immediately notified the X-men. The team formulated a plan and then went into town. Madison and Izaak approached Lauren in town, with Izaak masked by Madison's invisibility. The moment Madison entered the alleyway where Lauren was, Leslie McCully emerged into the alleyway and attacked. Veronica Fieron Rasputin and Alicia Horobi-Weiser filtered into the alleyway to help, only to be surprise attacked by David Hartford "Remus." The moment the surprise attack happened, Piotr Rasputin and Jayden Amberry joined in the fight to help the team. Cat surveyed from above to step in for emergency teleport if needed. Leslie used her telekinesis to slam her sister Lauren against a wall and render her unconscious. David ordered Leslie to restrain and capture Izaak Shaw. David used his abilities on V, and then later Piotr to control them like a puppet and help Leslie in attacking Izaak, while David then worked against the others. Cat emergency teleported V away from the fight to off-set David's control over her. Upon Cat's return, and the focused teamwork of the other X-men, David called a retreat. David and Leslie retreated from the fight, loosening his control over Piotr just before he severely injured Izaak. Cat teleported the group back to the mansion, sending Lauren and Izaak to the medibay for treatment.

6. Danger Room sessions. Given the increased and brutal nature of the Exalted X attacks, Cat had the team go through several training sessions. In one training session, they were split into two teams and fought against each other in order to better prepare for a future fight with David Hartford "Remus", who could control a mutant and their powers. In another training session, they were all separated in a compound with the priority goal to regroup and fight as a team. Each person was attacked by a simulated mutant who resembled a known Exalted X member.

7. Secret Meetings. After discovering that David Hartford was intent on capturing Izaak Shaw, Sara Zander set out to find out why. She only had a few former contacts who had turned over to the Exalted X group from the Brotherhood. Sara met with Lillian Coron to get intel. According to Lillian, Mae had a prediction that Izaak would be a prime reason for Austin Carr losing his leadership position in Exalted X. As a precaution, Austin had ordered David Hartford to capture Izaak alive and bring him to their secret headquarters. Lillian, however, did not know what Austin intended to do with Izaak. After a day or two, Sara received word that Lillian wanted to meet with her again. Sara arranged the meeting place. However, upon arrival, Sara discovered it was a trap. Lillian had been discovered as a traitor and had returned to the Savage Lands for protection from Exalted X. After a brief battle, Sara returned to the mansion with only some minor injuries. Sara met with Cat, Izaak, and Madi. Sara requested that Izaak leave the Xavier Institute with her to train and prepare for the inevitable fight against David. Cat agreed, and Sara and Izaak departed for one of the safe houses to train.

8. Danger Room Malfunction? While working out in the danger room, Veronica Rasputin was suddenly overwhelmed by over a dozen Brotherhood simulations. V barely managed to escape the fray and sustained severe injuries as a result. V contacted her husband Piotr Rasputin as soon as she was safe. Once Piotr reached V, he contacted the medibay. Ayami Horobi-Weiser arrived and patched up V enough to be transported to the medibay. Once in the medibay, V was treated for her injuries and placed in a recovery room. Piotr and Cat investigated the danger room malfunction to discover that it was not actually a malfunction. Someone had changed the danger room controls from auto to manual, and had initiated the dozens of enemies for V to fight. Cat noted that V was lucky to be alive. Realizing the danger room had been tampered with, Cat shut it down temporarily until the entire system could be checked for any other issues. Cat also informed the X-men team of the problem, and told them to be on alert for a potential traitor within the mansion.

9. Unexpected Run-in. While in town to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, Jayden Amberry and Alicia Horobi-Weiser were being escorted by Madi.  As the two younger girls bonded, they were unexpectedly attacked by Leslie McCully "Hex," an Exalted X member who had stumbled upon the women. Leslie was only intending to toy with them, but ultimately caused a car accident and an explosion. The antics drew the attention of the police, firefighters, and an ambulance. Madi managed to find Leslie in the crowd and hit her with an energy blast, sending Leslie through a shop window. Madi contacted Cat at the mansion for an emergency teleport back to the mansion's medibay for the treatment of minor injuries. Cat arrive in town and teleported the group to safety. Madi had some minor injuries to her arm and leg, Jayden had a slight concussion, and Alicia was relatively unscathed.

10. Rescue Mission. Sara Zander discovered that Brian Zander was alive and being held in a medically induced coma in the Savage Lands. Without sharing this knowledge with the rest of the team, Sara asked Izaak Shaw for his help in rescuing Brian. Sara and Izaak were able to rescue Brian and return him to the Xavier Institute.

11. Leslie Returns. Leslie McCully returned to the Xavier Institute, demanding a trade for current captives in a promised exchange of a "truce" from Exalted X. When she was denied by Cat, she immediately attacked the entire group. Fortunately, there were few injuries. The only major injuries sustained were by Jayden; however, she recovered in the medibay.

12. Remus Attacks. Remus has been stalking Izaak Shaw in an attempt to capture him, per Austin Carr's orders. He came close during an attack on the mansion where he used Sara Zander to draw Izaak from the mansion. However, when he realized he would be unable to retrieve him due to the number of X-men, he proceeded to wreck havoc on the mansion before retreating to rethink his plans and strategy. He returned again, this time attacking V and Brian while they walked the private lane of the Xavier Institute. Brian was able to protect V from being attacked by Remus, however, Remus gained control over Brian. Once the X-men showed up, Remus transferred his control of Brian to Piotr. He then used Piotr to attack Brian and seriously injure him. V was able to get control over Remus while he used Piotr's metal form, allowing Cat to teleport him away and transport Brian to the medibay for medical assistance.

13. Confrontations. After trying to get Brian to snap out of his angry depression, Izaak and Brian nearly came to blows in the gym. A few days later, Madison confronted Brian about his attitude, only to be dismissed. Even Katerina attempted to talk to Brian, but he wouldn't hear anyone out. Ultimately, Brian put even more distance between himself and his former teammates.

14. Katerina's Rescue. After leaving the mansion due to frustration, Katerina was out clearing her head when she was kidnapped by bounty hunters. The bounty hunters intended to turn her into a mutant research facility for profit. However, Katerina managed to comlink the X-men. After a gun-heavy fight, the X-men managed to subdue the bounty hunters and rescue Katerina with little to no injuries.

15. Past and Present Collide - Brian confronts Bethany. Finally receiving permission from Cat, Brian was allowed temporary access to the holding cells in the sublevels in order to talk to Bethany Nelson (aka Samira Qadir). The happy reunion was short-lived after quickly turning sour upon Bethany's confirmation about her past activities with the Brotherhood and more recently with Exalted X. Upset and angry, and feeling betrayed by the one person he had been closest to before his disappearance six years ago, Brian left the holding cells. He proceeded to the gym to "blow off some steam." However, when Brian reached the gym, he spotted Izaak. Already pushed to his breaking point by Bethany, Brian finally snapped. He walked up to Izaak and delivered a punch to the face. The two men proceeded to get into a fist fight, with a few fireballs mixed in. Madison tried, unsuccessfully, to break up the fight. Finally Izaak managed to restrain Brian and calm him down. When Brian realized he had hurt Izaak, he seemed to snap back to reality and clarity. Guilt-ridden by what he had done, Brian left the gym. Madison helped Izaak to the medibay for treatment for minor burns.

16. Austin's Hit List. It has been common knowledge among the X-men that Austin Carr, leader of Exalted X, has target Izaak Shaw. Even going so far as to send his right-hand man, David Hartford "Remus" to personally collect the bounty. Unfortunately, news of Brian's return reached Austin after Brian's encounter with Remus a couple weeks prior. Austin, having a personal vendetta and grudge against Brian Zander, ordered their newest recruit to bring Brian in. The unknown female was almost successful, but fortunately Brian was able to call for help. Ayami Horobi was the first to arrive on scene, and she was instrumental in stopping Brian from being taken. Unfortunately, the unknown female Exalted X member escaped.

17. Growing Pains. During a relaxing afternoon at the mansion, Jayden Amberry woke up from a nap with a fever. She went outside to get some fresh air when she collapsed in pain. Her mutant ability began initiating without warning. Brian Zander was on the mansion's balcony and noticed Jayden's collapse. When he reached her, Jayden's bone spikes had already shifted completely over her left arm. Brian called the medibay for help. Cat managed to teleport Jayden to the medibay, where it was identified that Jayden's powers were going through a growth spurt and she was given treatment.

18. Assault on the Mansion. Deciding to test drive their newest recruit's abilities, David Hartford "Remus" absorbed her abilities and attacked the mansion. At the time of his assault, Piotr and Jayden were in the danger room training with her new abilities. David managed to get into the control room and alter the training program. Using the diversion, David went on the hunt for either Izaak or Brian, whoever he came across first. David eventually found Brian, who attempted to keep him back and called in back-up. Meanwhile, in the danger room, Alicia and Cat managed to stop the danger room program. Cat teleported Jayden to the medibay, and Piotr ran to join Brian. Brian, however, had already been joined by Izaak, Madi, and Katerina. Brian created a wall of fire to keep David back while the group came up with a plan. Before their plan was in place, Cat, Piotr, and Alicia arrived. A plan was set. Katerina sent a toxin through the wall of fire as a first strike against Remus. Afterwards, Alicia moved in, but her power was absorbed. Katerina used her sleeping toxin to render Alicia unconscious so Remus couldn't use her to attack them. Piotr and Izaak then moved into position and attacked Remus. Between the two of them, they beat him into submission. However, they realized this Remus was only a duplication of the original Remus - who was on the edge of the mansion's property, a safe distance away. Remus had used the new recruit's duplication abilities to send copies of himself into the mansion. Once all the duplicates were subdued, the team reported to the medibay for treatment and check-ups.

19. Showdown on Graymalkin Lane. Security picked up activity on Graymalkin Lane, analyzing the last few images from live camera feeds before they were demolished. It was revealed that a group of Exalted X was heading straight for the mansion! Cat led a team of X-men to greet the unwelcomed visitors, including: Aidan Mitchell (Cobalt), Tara Snyder (Apparatus), and Dorian Lynd (Fury). On their way across the mansion grounds, they were joined by Brian Zander and Nadia Karpov (Lady Chaos). After securing the mansion's gates, they met a group of Exalted X led by Mayumi Akita (Acid). In her team were Alexandra Engler (Tether) and Ionian Lynd (Flames). Mayumi had been sent to bargain back Bethany Nelson/Samira Qadir (Dust) and Leslie McCully (Hex), or take them back by force, if necessary. After failed negotiations, Mayumi went to plan B and tried to fight to the mansion to take them by force. However, being outnumbered, Mayumi's team did not even make it to the mansion gates. Ultimately, Mayumi and her team retreated. Overall, there were minimal injuries.

20. Alicia's Worst Nightmare. Remus returned for another attempt at capturing Izaak Shaw. He managed to take control of Alicia Weiser and force her to attack her friends, Basis and Jayden Amberry, on the mansion's front lawn. The fight drew the attention of Izaak Shaw and Brian Zander. Eventually, Izaak alerted Cat to the issue. After a steep fight, Remus eventually decided to retreat, seeing no way of obtaining Izaak without being caught himself. Once enough distance was put between himself and Alicia, the link was lost. Alicia collapsed, and Cat teleported her to the medibay. Izaak and Brian took Basis and Jayden to the medibay as well. Basis had suffered severe trauma to his hyper-sensitive hearing.

21. Plans Come Together. After months of planning, preparation, and reconnaissance, Remus was finally ready to make his move on capturing Izaak. Remus had figured out Madison's perimeter check slots and had hidden among the woods lining Graymalkin Lane with Jason Knight (Obscurity). Once Madison moved by them, Jason managed to capture and restrain her using his tendril shadow attack. Using Roxie Rieser's shapeshifting ability, Remus transformed into Madison. He used her comlink to put in a false call to Izaak, pretending that he - Madison - had hurt her ankle and needed a lift back to the mansion. Izaak came out to get her. As soon as Izaak went to pick up "Madison", Remus made contact with Izaak and absorbed his abilities, reverting back into himself and revealing it to be a trap. Jason emerged with Madison caught in his tendrils. Remus forced Izaak to break Madison's arm and leg to prove he would kill her if he didn't come willingly. Izaak agreed to come, even though he was filled with rage by what Remus had forced him to do while controlling him. A teleporter appeared from Exalted X and transported Remus, Izaak, Jason, and Madison back to the hideout, moments after Cat and Brian arrived -- they had come looking for Izaak and Madison when they had not returned to the mansion. Brian found Madison and Izaak's comlinks on the ground. Cat took them and returned to the mansion, summoning a meeting of multiple veteran X-men, determined to retrieve Izaak and Madison as soon as possible.