Aidan Mitchell

Real Name: Aidan Mitchell

Codename: Cobalt

Age: 29

Physical Description: Roughly 5'8" tall, Aidan has always had light silver hair since his early teenage years. His eyes were originally a dull brown, but turned to an almost purely mauve eyes around puberty when his powers emerged.

Personality: Aidan is reticent and rather reserved.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Solid light constructs. Aidan has the ability to create and manipulate solid light constructs. He can create solid objects in the form of coherent metallic blue spectrum energy; these include swords, force fields, shields, funnels, and more. He can also direct the energy as solid blasts.

Special skills: Martial arts, specifically Krav Maga practictioner in recent years.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Little is known of Aidan's early life. When he was fourteen years old, he and his younger sister Avery, ten years old at the time, were living amongst a group of mutants who were holed up in the Rocky Mountains near the town of Lander, Wyoming. Unfortunately this peaceful existence did not last. Within two years, their secret was out and the military was brought in to eliminate the mutant "threat".

In the early hours before the sun had risen on morning in the month of May, a special ops group moved into the mutants' established location. The peaceful slumber of many was shattered as horrific screams pierced the air. A member of the special ops group had entered one of the make-shift tents and had been about to shoot a young girl with a tranquilizer gun when she awoke to see a strange man pointing what appeared to be a gun at her. When she screamed from fright, others awoke and came to her aide. They immediately feared the worst was upon them and began using their powers to drive the special ops soldiers back. However, the majority of these mutants had never had any training and their powers were not controlled enough to use as an offensive mechanism. The special ops soldiers immediately switched from tranquilizers to guns and began firing upon the mutants. Whoever had still been asleep in the camp was woken by the sounds of gunfire.

Aidan leapt out of his sleeping bag and peered out of his make-shift tent. Seeing the soldiers advancing and his mutant community fleeing every which way, he knew that remaining in his tent and waiting the situation out was not an option. He quickly motioned his younger sister, who had been sitting upright in her sleeping bag, to him. Avery moved toward him and grabbed his arm; he could feel her whole body was trembling. He knelt down in front of her, assuring her that everything was going to be alright. He grabbed her hand and told her to stay close to him and run as fast as she could. She nodded, having faith in her brother. Squeezing her hand a little, he nodded to her and the two took off running from their tent. They were heading towards the trees, hoping to lose the soldiers in the dense forest.

As they ran, a soldier caught them out of the corner of his eye. He turned toward them, took careful aim, and pulled the trigger. Aidan felt his sister's grip loosen and heard her cry out in pain. Horrified, he stopped and turned toward her. She was bleeding out of her chest. Tears welled up in his eyes as he picked his sister up in his arms and continued running. He was about to reach the forest when two soldiers, about 8 feet from him, moved in to his path. They took careful aim once more. Aidan stopped and shifted Avery in to one arm, and, in a fit of emotional rage, a metallic blue spectrum of light appeared around his eyes. A blinding flash of light encased the two soldiers. As they shielded their eyes, he thrust his hand forward. A metallic blue spectrum of light appeared around his hand as a flood of energy blasts formed to become solid blasts which flew forward, striking down the two men.

Holding Avery in both his arms once more, he ran in to the forest and fled the mayhem behind him. Once he was a safe distance in to the forest and his legs couldn't run any further, he stopped and knelt to the ground. Tears flooded his eyes as he held Avery in his arms. He begged her not to die, as though she had any choice over the matter. As she took her last few breaths, she looked up at him, a small smile appeared upon her face as she told him she loved him and even though  he couldn't see her, she would always be there with him. When she passed away, Aidan held her in his arms close to his chest, crying for what seemed like an eternity. His only family was gone.

The location of her burial site is known only to Aidan. What happened over the next several months is a mystery. Nearly 8 months after the massacre in the Rocky Mountains, Rage (Cat's older brother) found Aidan in Camden, Arkansas. Upon discovering Aidan was a mutant, he offered safety and shelter. When Aidan agreed, Rage teleported Aidan to his hideout, the location of which is unknown.

At Rage's hideout, Aidan was trained to control and manipulate is powers. He was trained in several forms of martial arts as well. Within two years, Aidan was eighteen years old and part of Rage's Guards at the hideout, the equivalent of Xavier's X-Men at the Xavier Institute. Aidan primarily kept to himself; the community at the hideout respected that and left him alone for the most part. However, despite Aidan's anti-social behavior, he had befriended Rage and the two men were rather close.

Another two years had passed when one day, Rage approached Aidan and informed him that a young man named Andy Weiser, an X-Men, was coming from the Xavier Institute to live at the hideout. Rage asked Aidan if he would go to the Xavier Institute as a replacement, informing Aidan that the X-Men could not afford to lose an X-Men at that point in time. At first Aidan objected, not wanting to leave the hideout or abandon his duties as one of The Guards. Rage informed Aidan that this was part of his duties as one of The Guards, to help other mutants in times of need. Rage asked Aidan once more if he would go to the Xavier Institute, and reluctantly, Aidan agreed.

Aidan was twenty years old and had lived at Rage's hideout for the last four years of his life. He was part of The Guards at the hideout, the equivalent of The X-Men at the Xavier Institute. Upon arriving at the Xavier Institute, he was greeted by BlackCat "Cat" (Rage's younger sister). He was given an X-Men uniform and an X-Men comlink, as well as assigned a room in the X-Men dormitories.

At the age of twenty-two, Aidan had lived at the Xavier Institute for two years. He kept to himself for the most part, spending his off-duty hours in his room. When he was on duty, he did as instructed and kept an eye on the younger, less experienced X-Men and students. He never expected to connect with any of the residents at the Xavier Institute; however, a young woman named Emily "Em" Fieron brought him out of his shell. The two began spending time together on and off duty. Their time together was initially quiet and awkward, as Aidan did not know how to express himself in regards to love and relationships. Ever since the death of his sister, Avery, he had closed his heart to the outside world. Em was able to open his heart once more, and he learned to love again.

At the age of twenty-four, he was assigned as the protective detail for the former Acolyte and brotherhood member Kaliska Kala'u-yomi. While he initially resisted the idea of having a protective detail, he accepted the assignment upon hearing it was a little girl around the same age as his deceased sister Avery. Three months into the assignment, Cat became concerned that Aidan was becoming too invested in his assignment and possibly confusing Kaliska for Avery. However, Aidan denied the assertions, although he admitted that he felt this assignment was a form of redemption after failing to protect Avery years ago.

At the age of twenty-five, Aidan proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Emily "Em" Fieron. Around two years being engaged, Aidan and Em married.

Aidan is currently residing at the Xavier Institute as a valuable member of the X-Men team. He and his wife, Em, live together in the family housing on the Xavier Institute property. They have recently started thinking about having a child together.

Siblings: Avery (Sister, deceased), Matt Fieron (Brother-in-law), Veronica "V" Fieron (Sister-in-law),