"Andy" Weiser

Real Name: Andrew "Andy" Weiser

Codename: Firestorm

Age: 28

Physical Description: Andy stands at a shocking 6'2". He has short, spiky black hair and blue eyes. He has a small tattoo on the back of his neck, "L64," which is a permanent reminder of his terrible past.

Personality: Andy is, more or less, compassionate and cooperative.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Andy has the ability of pyrokinesis, the ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire. He can emit fire from his hands and eyes; once the fire has been produced, he can manipulate the flame by shaping it as he desires, increasing or decreasing its heat, intensity, and size. He can douse a fire at a maximum distance of approximately 100 feet. He can only reabsorb fire through his hands.

Special skills: Andy has an extensive knowledge of literary work.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background:  Andy grew up in an orphanage in Wisconsin. When he began to display signs of mutation at the age of four he was handed over to the military and taken to a mutant laboratory, somewhere in Arizona, where "L64" was tattooed to the back of his neck. L64 represented the lab facility he was in, Lab 64. Throughout his life, he was constantly tortured and tested on like a lab rat - his memories were even suppressed.

When he was fifteen years old, a sixteen year old boy by the name of Damien DeVol had managed to escape from the lab facility nearby. Damien was able to free Andy and a small handful of other mutants and the group narrowly escaped being recaptured. Once they reached a major city, the group went their separate ways.

Damien and Andy headed towards New York, having heard of the Xavier Institute, a safe refuge for mutants. Upon reaching Westchester, NY, Andy decided to join the ACA instead of joining the X-Men with Damien. However, six months later the ACA disbanded and Andy ended up at the Xavier Institute. Andy was immediately enrolled in classes and became a full time student.

However, Andy's life was abruptly altered when he was given the chance to have his memories returned. After an excruciatingly painful telepathy session, Andy's memories were salvaged and he was able to recall his last name, thus giving him the ability to locate his family.

Andy managed to track down his family in a small town in Wisconsin. He was learned that both his parents were still alive, but were divorced. In addition to which, he learned that he had three siblings: a younger brother and two younger sisters. With the Xavier Institute Council's approval, Andy immediately departed the mansion and took a train to the small town in Wisconsin. He proceeded to take a taxi to the two addresses he had written down. Andy's reunion with his family was bitter-sweet. When he went to his father's house, after learning of Andy's mutation,  his father wanted nothing to do with him. However, his visit to his mother's house was much more successful. His mother, his two younger sisters, and his younger brother wanted to know everything about him. After spending three weeks with his mother and siblings, Andy returned to the Xavier Institute while still keeping in touch with his mother and siblings.

Andy graduated early from high school with an outstanding GPA. He had been an X-Men for the last couple years and had enjoyed it immensely. However, Andy was in need of a change. His reputation had been tarnished due to a chip that had been implanted in his neck and caused him to act out malicious deeds toward other X-Men. After enduring the constant glares, snickers, and shoves in the hallways from certain people due to information, some true and some wildly exaggerated, about events that occurred between himself and his ex-girlfriend Ayami, he had had enough. Even though the chip had been removed, Andy felt unable to remain at the mansion where a majority of people did not trust him. He needed a fresh start. He went to Cat's office and asked for a permanent transfer away from the mansion or he would leave the X-Men for good. Cat, after Andy explained everything, agreed to transfer Andy to Rage's Hideout. Andy packed his bags immediately and met Rage, Cat's brother, in the lobby. After bidding Cat farewell, Rage and Andy disappeared in a ring of smoke. Although Andy was still an X-Men, he worked alongside Rage at Rage's Hideout, the location of which was classified. He was uncertain if he would ever return to the mansion.

Andy adjusted rather quickly to his new surroundings and new commitments. When he wasn't on missions or on duty, Andy wasn't very sociable and he primarily kept to himself. He preferred the solitude of his home. After the first three months of living at Rage's Hideout - a community of roughly 250 mutants and humans of all ages and abilities - Andy was informed of a threat made upon his family's life. With Rage's help, Andy's mother, two younger sisters, and younger brother were brought to Rage's Hideout where they would be safe from the unknown assassins.

Less than a month after the arrival of his family, two budding fire mutants arrived at Rage's Hideout. They were ten-year-old twin brothers who had been rescued from a mutant lab facility. With no where to place them, Rage asked Andy if he would provide a temporary home for the two boys until a better solution was made. Andy agreed and the two boys moved in to Andy's home.

It wasn't long before Andy and the two boys became attached to one another. The three enjoyed spending time with together and Andy took on the role of teaching them to control their fire abilities. Even though Andy was only 19 years old, he felt as though these boys were his sons and his own family. Just like his human family, Andy would do anything to protect these two boys from harm. With Rage's help, Andy was able to get the appropriate adoption papers. Before long, Andy was the father of two young fire mutants.

Early in the year of 2015, Andy made the decision to return to the Xavier Institute. He and his family moved into the family housing in the X-Men dormitory wing. His mother and siblings were assigned their own housing unit near Andy and his adopted sons' housing unit. Andy's mother took a nursing position in the Medibay. Andy's siblings, despite being non-mutants, attend school at the Xavier Institute with Lucas, Noah, and the rest of the student population residing at the mansion. Andy returned to his duties as an X-Men. As a happy father of two, Andy was ecstatic that his family was able to move to the Institute with him. Last but not least, he rekindled his relationship with Ayami Horobi only to propose to her six months later.

Currently residing at the Xavier Institute, Andy has watched his siblings and adopted sons grow up in a safe and happy environment at the mansion. Andy's mother is still working as a nurse in the Medibay at the Xavier Institute. However, Andy's sisters Lauren and Anya graduated from New York University and are living in NYC. Andy's brother Scott is attending a university in California. Andy's adoptive sons Lucas and Noah are in their senior year of high school at the Xavier Institute. Andy and Ayami married, and have moved in together in the family unit style apartment in the student/resident dormitory wing of the Xavier Institute.

Siblings: Lauren (Sister, 26), Anya (Sister, 24), Scott (Brother, 22)

Other family: Lucas and Noah (Adopted twin sons, 18), Alicia (Adopted daughter, 16)

Lucas and Noah (18, fire mutants)