Ayami Horobi-Weiser

Real Name: Ayami Horobi-Weiser

Codename: Charm

Age: 26

Physical Description: Ayami is 5’6” tall with white hair and bright blue eyes. She has a slender frame and slightly pale skin. Her clothes can vary greatly depending on the situation; she dresses to be comfortable.

Personality: Outgoing and optimistic, due to the rigors training and schooling Ayami is no longer shy by any means. She does tend to get into trouble by putting the needs of others ahead of herself but most of the time it isn't anything majorly life threatening.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Confused, but tries to be good.

Powers: Magnetism, medium distance emp's, can generate effective barriers against falling objects blasts currently, flight has greatly improved as is her ability to control the blood flow of someone with a significantly high blood iron content. Also uses powers with metallic objects for surgeon-like precision when it comes to using her powers in the fields whether its using a stimpak at a distance, or a field anesthetic to sedate a guard or hostile mutant.

Special skills: Slight acrobatics

Current Profession: Doctor/ Resident/ X-Men

Background: Ayami came from the northern states, around Canada, at which time she had a normal life. One day, while having dinner with her family, she reached for a spoon that was on the other side of the table. Within seconds, it slid across the table to her! Everyone around her soon found out that “little miss priss” was a mutant and she was, from then on, socially exiled. She was made fun of, picked on, and at times assaulted by racists.

Her parents defended her as best they could until one fatal night when they were killed in an accident. The following night a mob of angry neighbors came for Ayami’s life, claiming it was she who had killed her parents. Panic-stricken, she ran as fast as she could from her home and the mob. It didn't take long before she was cornered. At that moment she lost control of her powers and passed out. She woke up a couple hours later and, after looking around, realized that all of the people were gone! There was not a scratch on her! After news of what had happened leaked out, Ayami knew a second mob would be coming. She gathered up the small amount of money her parents had saved and departed. She didn't know where she was going, but she knew it would be far away from her hometown.

After weeks of lonely travels, she was told of the safe haven at the Xavier Institute by a couple seemingly friendly mutants on the streets of New York. Hoping to gain control of her powers and regain her happiness, she used the small amount of money she had remaining in order to get to the Xavier Institute.

It took quite some time for Ayami to become acquainted with her new life at the Xavier Institute. It wasn't long before she had made friends; one of whom was Damien DeVol. Damien became similar to an older brother for Ayami; he introduced her to people and watched over her. Damien even introduced her to a young man named Andy Weiser. Ayami and Andy instantly clicked and it wasn't long before the two were dating. Unfortunately, their rapid relationship ended several months later. The two would mingle with other people, both determined not to become upset over the break up. However, opposites attract. Soon Andy and Ayami were back together and trying to work out the things which had caused their break up in the first place. Now progressing slowly and steadily in the relationship, things are looking up for Ayami. Her school grades are excellent, her training coming along fantastically, and she has been put back on the X-Men roster.

Ayami was assigned as an instructor to the student training squad, the "Corsairs," through hard work and determination. She also recently became engaged to Andy Weiser, a fellow X-men. Ayami still hopes to one day defeat Magneto, honor her parents memory, and "live a normal life"; but for now she remains content with her day to day duties, staying faithful to friends and loved ones, and trying her hardest not to screw up.

Siblings: Shirei Horobi (Brother)