Real Name: N/A

Codename: Basis

Age: 24, 14 Mentally

Physical Description: Basis' body stopped growing at puberty. He stands tall at 4 feet 8 inches and weighs roughly around 90 pounds. He has sandy brown hair and his eyes are a milky white. A pair of black headphones is usually seen on top of his head covering his ears.

Personality: Basis is a generally carefree young individual who often enjoys doing whatever he likes based on his whims alone. However, like most teenagers he has taken a dark, broody side that he shows on occasion as well. All of his life he had a second personality looking out for him, one that predated his own consciousness in this body by ten years. However, after a nasty knock on his head that lead to a concussion, this personality has gone silent. No longer being helped along in life by what he counted as an older brother, he took it upon himself to try to be more mature about nearly everything. This leads to him being conflicted about things he wants to do, and things he feels he needs to do. That said, he would never do anything to bring harm to his family at the mansion, and his loyalty to them is absolute.

Race: "Manufactured" Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: In exchange for his sense of sight, taste, and most of smell, Basis' sense of sound has been greatly increased to the point that he can see his surroundings through sound. Because of this, he has an advanced form of 360 degree echolocation without having to make any sounds at all. His body has been enhanced as well. He is able to travel at high speeds, breaking nearly 60 miles per hour when sprinting, and has the strength of a man many times his size. With his speed, his reflexes are also incredible, allowing him to dodge blows that a significant portion of people would fail to. Due to his shattered mind, accessing his mind is a laborious task that only high level mental mutants should take on.

Special skills: Basis is skilled in many forms of martial arts, and is proficient with nearly all of those he knows. Due to his amazing hearing and the sonar-like qualities his ears possess, he can often tell when people are lying or prepared to strike. On top of this, he is a trained soldier and has picked up assassin tricks from Other.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Basis was an experiment even before he was born. His DNA was reconfigured while he was still in the womb. When he was born he almost immediately started crying, the doctors had been expecting this. Even back then he would have good hearing, and it was no doubt causing him pain. Naming the boy "Basis," after the fact that he was the base of their research, the doctors placed an earpiece in each ear and he quieted down. Wrapping a bandage around his head to keep them in place, Basis never really felt comfortable not wearing a blindfold or something like it. Over the course of his life he had minimal contact with the people who "created" him as they trained him to be the ultimate soldier. As he hit puberty they knew they had made a mistake. His body stopped growing when he was about ten years old but his mind kept growing with age. However, this is about the time they came up with the "Other" Program. The Other Program was created to split the mind of one individual into two entities, perfect for creating a form of assassins hidden in someone's mind. Basis is one of only two who survived this process, and he only one to have made a connection with his "Other." One day he was being moved to another facility for further testing, the convoy was attacked by a group of Anti-DNA protesters. Once Basis heard the order to run away, regardless of where it came from, he had. One of the protesters told him of a place called Xavier's Institute in New York; Basis took this as an order and found his way there.

Throughout the years at the Xavier Institute, Basis has learned many lessons. He has found many friends, and considers a lot of the people around him as family. He became part of a squad called the Corsairs. Here, he learned new ways to fight, how important it is to be an individual, how to properly react in social situations, and that above all else people were people no matter whom they were. During one of his missions, the X-Jet took a nasty crash into a forest. In his disoriented haste to attempt to protect his comrades, Basis made the mistake to undo the buckle to his seat as they were upside down. Groggy and slow, he couldn't flip himself in time to land on his feet, and in fact didn't flip at all. He landed right on his head, denting the floor beneath him with his thick skull, and promptly went unconscious. Later, in the medibay, it had been revealed that he suffered a concussion from the fall. At that point Basis realized that Other hadn't said anything since he went unconscious. Something happened to trigger Other's disappearance, rendering the Other Program null and void in his mind. There was a brief period where Basis was lost, without direction, but his mansion family was able to help snap him out of his funk and he vowed to try and become a productive member of the Xavier Institute. Although he is still learning how to be a grown up, he finds himself falling back on his old antics despite his vow to act mature. Currently he is trying to find his place in life. Although he knows that his place is at the Xavier Mansion, he still feels the need to figure out the details.

Siblings: Unknown