Real Name: Unknown

Codename: BlackCat, Cat

Age: 32

Physical Description: Cat is about 5'8" in height with a medium build. She has emerald green eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair. She is almost always seen wearing her X-Men uniform (pictured above), which consists of thick black leather material. She has a small variety of tattoos, most of which were covered by her former X-Men uniforms.

Personality: Cat has a strong, tough personality, and has a tendency of overextending herself. Typically perceived as serious, strict, and harsh; Cat demands the best from her students, residents, and X-Men. She hates people who don't follow orders, and she can be uptight sometimes. However, those who know Cat personally realize she genuinely has their best interests at heart. Cat has a high degree of compassion, and does not like violence. She believes 110% in Professor Xavier's dream. She knows what she stands for and believes in Professor Xavier’s cause... peace between mutants and humans.

Cat has finely tuned senses and can sense how others are feeling. She can often find out things about people that they don't want her to know. Cat isn't one to hold a grudge, but she will remember when a person double-crosses her.

Cat has a strong devotion to her family. She loves her siblings and would protect them with her life. Cat is emotionally strong and tough, having a great degree of emotional control. She has been friends with some bad people and has painful memories of her past, but she doesn't believe she has the right or the luxury to display those emotions due to her obligations and responsibility to the Xavier Institute.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Cat has the ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between, commonly referred to as teleportation. She can travel vast distances without error, or even needing to know the layout of her destination. This power is limited to herself and non-living objects in her possession. When she begins to teleport living objects, her teleportation becomes restricted in distance and accuracy.

Besides her ability to teleport, she also has the ability to expel various forms of energy from her body, specifically the palms of her hands. This ability is commonly referred to as energy blasts. She can produce a glowing ball of pure energy capable of inflicting severe injury. Her most common energy blast consists of a black base color energy. She can wield recoil blasts which serve as warnings and cause little damage. Her strongest energy blast consists of a purple base color energy, which appears in the shape of an arrowhead. Being her strongest attack, it requires an enormous amount of energy and strength from her, therefore she rarely uses it. Cat can absorb the energy back into her own body without harm.

Special skills: Expert martial artist, stealth, and escapology.

Current Profession: Martial Arts and Danger Room Instructor/Resident/X-Men/Headmistress

Background: Most of Cat's background is unknown, considering she is very tightlipped about her past. However, it is known that she originated from somewhere in Nebraska, U.S. Each member of her family is closely linked to a specific animal which stalks and protects its master; Cat's animal companion is a black panther. She has three siblings: Rage (Brother, 34, Wolf), SilverCat (Sister, 29, White Tiger), and Sage (Sister, 25, Snow Leopard). Of her three siblings, only her sisters, SilverCat and Sage, reside at the Xavier Institute.

Siblings: Rage (Brother), SilverCat (Sister), Sage (Sister)

Pets: A black panther