Brian Zander

Real Name: Brian Zander

Codename: N/A

Age: 24

Physical Description: Brian is 6'0" with brown hair and crimson eyes.

Personality: Before his disappearance, Brian was your average 18 year old. He was social, friendly, and an excellent team member on the field and off it. Unfortunately, after his return to the mansion he was not the same person. He preferred solitary to social gatherings, and friendly was not the first word people would use to describe him now.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Brian has the ability to create and project fire from his body. However, most of Brian's control over his ability is through his hands in the form of hand blasts. He can manipulate fire into fire ball projection by creating and launching spheres of fire. He can use his ability to create fire bombs, more specifically create bombs/explosions of fire. Although, as his power mutates and grows, he can also create omnidirectional fire waves by sending out a wave of fire in all directions. He could also absorb a seemingly infinite amount of fire into his body.

Special skills: Prior to his disappearance, he was being trained in martial arts and control over his abilities.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Born in San Francisco, California, Brian grew up with his older twin sisters Sara and Jessica. He was raised primarily by his mother. His father was out of the picture for most of his life. It wasn't until he was much older that he learned his father was Magneto, the leader of the Brotherhood. When his sisters' developed their abilities, his mother panicked and sent them to the Xavier Institute to help with the development of their abilities before his father could recruit them into his Brotherhood.

When Brian entered his teen years, his abilities began to develop. Before his mother could send him to the safety of the Xavier Institute, some of Magneto's men arrived and escorted him to the Savage Lands. However, they never made it to the Savage Lands. They were intercepted by a military patrol who transferred the entire group to a mutant testing facility for lab research. Brian spent nearly four years in the mutant testing facility, growing up with his powers raging out of control while being tortured for science. Finally, after almost four years, the X-men rescued and released all the mutant occupants. When Brian was discovered and identified among the group, he was brought to the Xavier Institute.

Over the next two years, Brian trained to become an X-men at the Xavier Institute. During that time, his relationship with his sister Sara deteriorated when he discovered that she had betrayed the X-men on several occasions during her time with the Acolytes.

When Brian was eighteen years old, he was appointed an X-men with several members of his graduating class. His abilities would begin to mutate shortly after his appointment as X-men. During a mission, Brian was mortally injured while protecting Veronica Fieron during the retreat. V had been injured and Brian was covering her retreat while Kraig Peters helped her back to the X-jet. Despite everyone making it back to the jet, Brian seemingly died of his injuries at the Xavier Institute.

Six years later, Sara discovered that Magneto had actually taken Brian back to the Savage Lands for treatment, and killed a shapeshifter to take Brian's place. Magneto even attended the funeral, knowing it was not actually Brian being buried. Sara initiated a rescue mission with the help of Izaak Shaw. The two were able to rescue Brian from the Savage Lands where he was being kept in the medical facilities under sedation.

Brian is now twenty-four years old and dealing with the loss of six years of his life. Brian knows better than anyone the impact of losing time. With the combined time kept at the Savage Lands and previously at the mutant testing facility in his early teens, Brian had been robbed of roughly ten years of his twenty-four years of life. Brian is now trying to cope with his continuously mutating abilities which had not fully come to fruition before his disappearance, as well as coping with another chunk of his life being stolen from him.

Siblings: Jessica Zander (Sister), Brian Zander (Brother), Pietro Maximoff "Quicksilver" (Half Brother), Wanda Maximoff "Scarlet Witch" (Half Sister), Lorna Dane "Polaris" (Half Sister), Iris Eisenhardt "Smoke" (Half Sister)