Charlotte Moser

Real Name: Charlotte Moser

Codename: Vinea

Age: 22

Physical Description: Charlotte is 5'6" and 130 lbs. She has medium length sea green hair and mint green eyes.

Personality: Charlotte is self-reliant, yet suspicious and mistrusting of others.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Chlorokinesis. Charlotte has the ability to control and manipulate the growth and movement of plants at will and with incredible ease. She can make plants grow very quickly and move them to any form, like creating a snare from a vine.

Special skills: Understanding of botany, also known as plant biology.

Current Profession: Resident

Background: Charlotte grew up in the Everglades in Florida. From a young age, Charlotte spent her time amongst the wetlands in the Everglades, where shallow sheets of fresh water roll slowly over the lowlands and through billions of blades of sawgrass. She became familiar with the various species inhabiting the region. As her powers emerged and developed, she spent most of her time interacting with plant species such as Black Mangrove, Butterfly Pea, Brazilian Pepper, White Fragrant Water Lily, and Cattail.

Around seventeen, Charlotte's parents relocated to Oyster Bay, New York. Living in close proximity to New York City, Charlotte's physical appearance - green hair and eyes - did not seem out of the ordinary amongst the youth who mimicked punk and emo fashion styles. Charlotte, however, did not spend her time socializing with people in her new atmosphere; she spent the majority of her time at the bay, parks, or Sagamore Hill where she could engross herself amongst plant life.

Charlotte met the X-men by chance in her early twenties. At the time, the X-men were escorting residents from the Xavier Institute while fleeing the government's anti-mutant legislation that was trying to round up all of the Xavier Institute's students, residents, and X-men. While the X-men were resting up in an alcove near Oyster Bay, they accidentally crossed paths with Charlotte. After a simple misunderstanding, they became good acquaintances.

Even though Charlotte didn't choose to stay with the X-men at the time, she joined them months later when the X-men were safe to return to the Xavier Institute. She wanted to learn how to control her abilities in order to live a normal life.

After Charlotte had achieved control over her powers, she changed her mind and decided to remain at the Xavier Institute. She did not pursue X-men status, but rather remains at the Xavier Institute as a permanent resident. She has helped the X-men on missions in the past, but most of her encounters with them are for purely social reasons.

Siblings: None