Damien DeVol

Real Name: Damien DeVol 

Codename: None

Age: 28

Physical Description: Damien has black hair intermixed with white. His eyes consist of black irises and white pupils, resulting in his use of black sunglasses whenever he walks amongst the general human populous. Although he won't speak of it often, he has a tattoo on the back of his neck which he received during his time spent in a military laboratory facility; the tattoo, "L63," represented the number of the cell he had been confined to live in.

Personality: Damien can be a real charmer and fairly comical. However, he is also known for being a bit overprotective.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Damien is quite different from other fire mutants. Most fire mutants use the atmosphere around them to collect the energy needed to produce fire. Damien, however, has an over-abundance of energy flowing through his veins. When he releases this energy, it appears in the form of fire. He can control and manipulate the fire, shaping it as he desires: increasing or decreasing its heat, intensity, and size.

Damien has a slight healing factor as well, which is transferable through his blood. He can heal his own minor injuries; however, extreme injuries, such as internal bleeding or broken bones may need medical assistance in order to heal properly. When his blood is injected into others, they are also healed. The transference of his blood has its limitations. For some mutants, his blood can be lethal while for others it can be a miracle. There have also been known cases in which his blood makes no difference. The doctors in the Xavier Institute consider the use of his healing blood to be a hit or miss.

Special Skills/Abilities: Damien's hand-to-hand combat skills are more then sufficient to allow him to incapacitate and kill men much stronger than he is, as well as to deal with groups of armed and unarmed enemies.

Current Profession: Training Instructor/ Resident/ X-Men

Background: Damien was born and raised near Silver Lake, Oregon. He was the oldest of three children. He had two younger sisters: Hannah and Catherine. His mother died in a fatal car accident, leaving a six year old Damien, five year old Catherine, and four year old Hannah in the care of their father.

Mere months after the accident, his father turned to the whiskey bottle for comfort. Damien soon became the scapegoat for everything wrong in his fatherís life. His father, in a drunken rage, would beat Damien in the evenings. Damien willingly took the beatings, knowing that by the time the beatings had ended his father would be too tired and hung-over to remember his two daughters. In other words, Damien was keeping his sisters from receiving the same beatings he received.

Damien endured the abuse throughout his childhood until the age of ten. One day, having finally had enough, Damien hid a baseball bat underneath his bed covers. Damien put a stop to it all that night when his father, in his usual drunken rage, came in to Damienís room. Damien leapt from the bed, baseball bat in hand, and swung as hard as he could at his fatherís lower torso. Having made contact with the baseball bat, his father doubled over in pain. Damien swung again, landing a hard hit to the back of his fatherís head and rendering the man unconscious. That night, Damien rounded up his two younger sisters and left the hell hole he had once called home.

Damien and his sisters hitchhiked to Tumalo, Oregon where their aunt (their motherís sister) resided. Damien hoped he and his siblings might finally have a chance at a peaceful life.

At the age of thirteen, Damienís powers came abruptly into his life. When Damien became angry, flames would appear at his fingertips. Occasionally a fireball would erupt uncontrollably from his palms and speed off in a random direction, igniting something nearby. His aunt told him that he was not welcome at her home anymore. He was sent away with a small wad of cash. He was torn in two, having been forced to leave his sisters behind. Damien headed for town, uncertain of what he would do. In town, he was surrounded by a group of teenage boys. They knocked him upside the head with a steel pipe, rendering him unconscious. Once unconscious, they robbed him of his money.

A couple weeks after the incident, he joined a group of mutants, a gang more or less. They all banded together and watched out for each other. Damien learned to control his anger and his powers. His mutant group moved constantly, trying to avoid the military, until one unfortunate day. It was at night and everyone was sleeping in an abandoned ware house. Suddenly the windows were all shattered as helicopter lights shown in through the windows, a special ops group filled in to the ware house. Without asking questions, they open fired upon the mutants killing everyone, save a few. Damien and a small handful of mutants escaped through a back door, only to be captured hours later. For the rest of his teen years he would spend his time in and out of military prisons and labs. He had "L63" tattooed to the back of his neck. L63 represented the lab facility he was put in, Lab 63. On his umpteenth escape, he managed to break out a small handful of other mutants and was able to escape in to the city. Several of the escapees parted ways, except for Andy Weiser and Damien DeVol. The two headed toward the Xavier Institute. Once in New York, they too parted ways and Damien went to the Xavier Institute on his own (Andy would join the X-Men several months later). There he was welcomed and given asylum from the military.

Once Damien was settled in to his new life at the Xavier Institute, he was enrolled in classes and became a full-time student. In class, he met Jade Bennington. She was the same age as Damien. The two instantly clicked and began spending time together. Damien enjoyed being around Jade; she was fun, wonderful, and (when around her best friend, Ajax) a bit of a wild child. It wasn't any surprise when the two began dating.

A couple years later, Damien managed to locate his sisters. Both were attending a high school in Connecticut and living in a small apartment. Damien constantly visits them, and occasionally they come to the Institute to visit him.

Damien was an X-Men and training instructor by the age of twenty-one. He was engaged to Jade Bennington and planned on marrying her within the next year or two.

A few years later, Jade unexpectedly departed from the mansion without any warning or notice. Damien knew Jade had demons from her past that she needed to sort out. However, after a lengthy period of time, he left the mansion in search of her. Jade finally returned to the mansion one year later when they were both around the age of twenty-four. During her time back, the two discussed their relationship and ultimately broke off their engagement and ended their relationship. Damien explained that he would always love her, but he couldn't stay with someone who not only didn't trust him but also didn't stick around. Her return was short-lived, and she left a few months later. This time around, Damien was indifferent towards her departure.

Now at 28 years old, Damien resides at the Xavier Institute as an X-Men and training instructor. He has also begun a relationship with Tara Snyder.

Siblings: Catherine (Sister), Hannah (Sister)