Dorian Lynd

Real Name: Dorian Lynd

Codename: Fury

Age: 25

Physical Description: Dorian is roughly six feet tall with dark red hair and deep crimson eyes. He has a permanent scar running diagonally across his chest from his  upper left shoulder to his lower right abdomen.

Personality: Occasionally irritable, but mostly calm and collect.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Pyrokinesis (Fire and Heat Manipulation) and Heat Vision. Ability to control the kinetic energy of atoms to generate, control or absorb fire. Ability to project beams of concentrated radiation from the eyes.

Special skills: N/A

Current Profession: Resident/ X-Men

Background: Dorian was born and raised in a loving home. His parents were well-educated, prosperous lawyers. They were also very proud of their Greek heritage, even naming their children after Greek gods and ancient cities. Growing up in this type of atmosphere, the children were all very happy. Dorian and Ionian were thick as thieves, and very close to their older sister Athena. Everything was wonderful until Dorian and his twin sister Ionian had their mutant powers manifest at the age of ten.

The moment their community learned of the Lynd children's abnormal abilities, they were immediately feared and hated. Fearing the safety of their children, the Lynd parents decided to move. Over the next four years, the Lynd family moved four times until finally they decided not to move any more. Resisting pressure from their new community to move, they began receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls.

One evening, Dorian and Ionian, aged fourteen, snuck out of their home to play in the woods and experiment with their budding abilities. After several hours they began heading home. As they neared their home they noticed black smoke filling the sky. Panic struck as they ran as quickly as they could, stopping short of the tree line as they noticed their home engulfed in flames and surround by the townspeople. Dorian and Ionian quickly climbed a tree to hide, fearing they would be killed if they were seen. As they sat high up in the tree, they could hear the screams of their parents and sister. Ionian burrowed her head into Dorian's shoulder, weeping over the loss of their family and their inability to do anything to stop it. Dorian, however, watched as the house burnt to the ground, the image burning in to his mind.

Soon after Dorian and Ionian were recruited by the brotherhood of mutants, led by Magneto. They were sent to New York where the Acolytes, a subgroup of the brotherhood, was stationed. They were trained and their hatred and sorrow was fostered. Ionian and Dorian became bitter and enraged toward humanity; however, the twins diverged on their feelings towards other mutants. Ionian believed that any mutant who stood against the brotherhood should be considered on the same level as a human, whereas Dorian did not feel the same way.

As their training unfolded, it became clear that the twins had different strengths. Dorian was faster, more agile, and physically stronger than Ionian. However, Ionian's powers were stronger, being able to induce semi-solid forms such as swords. At the age of 16 they became inducted into the Acolytes as full-fledged members.

When Dorian was 18, he was sent to Times Square on a mission to blow up a building and kill innocent civilians. However, his mission was foiled by the X-men. Dorian was captured after choosing to save a female X-men, Shirina Elson, from being killed by fellow Acolyte Mayumi Akia "Acid". A week later his twin sister, Ionian, attempted to break him out of the Xavier Institute holding cells. While attempting to escape, they encountered BlackCat and Shirina Elson. When Ionian raised her sword to strike Shirina, Dorian interceded, getting between the two and taking the hit for Shirina, giving him the large scar on his chest which he still bears today. Ionian was subdued by the X-men and Dorian was taken to the medical center.

Soon after, Dorian became a resident of the Xavier Institute claiming asylum from the brotherhood which viewed him as a traitor. It wasn't long before he began dating Shirina Elson. The two were attracted to each other and nearly inseparable. It wasn't long before Dorian became extremely protective of Shirina, finding that their relationship put her in a dangerous situation as the Brotherhood viewed her as Dorian's "weakness."

When Dorian was 19, he was placed on the Corsair Squad, a training squad to prepare individuals for a future as X-Men. When Dorian was 20, he was inducted into the X-men along with his girlfriend and fellow squad teammates.

Dorian is now 25 years old. He lives at the Xavier Institute, where he fulfills his duty as a member of the X-Men. 

Siblings: Ionian Lynd (Sister, twin), Athena (Sister, deceased)