Emily Mitchell

Real Name: Emily Mitchell
Maiden Name: Emily Fieron

Codename: Em

Age: 28

Physical Description: Emily has short, straight black hair. If it wasn't for her eyes, the average person would think she was human. Instead of the typical round pupils, her eyes are more slit shaped with black irises and metallic silver pupils. Her eyes are also subject to change when using her mutant abilities: altering to a red crimson color with a faint red glow. This altering of eye color is a common trait in among her family.

Personality: Fitting the social outcast stereotype, Emily often found herself playing into that role throughout her youth. As an adult, she continues to feel as an outsider looking in, even among her mutant peers. However, despite this outsider persona, she has a strong bond with her family, specifically her siblings, for whom she is over-the-top protective. When she is able to develop friendships, those relationships become strong and iron clad, given her extremely loyal nature.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: The genetic makeup of her body is rather unique. The X-Gene, a gene normal humans lack and gives mutants their abilities, caused a rare deformity at her cellular level. Although blood flows through her veins, there is another substance that runs through her veins; broken-down molecules that, when formed, can produce fire. Naturally she is in constant pain from the chemicals that flow through her body, thus she must take various medications to subdue the pain. However, she has control over these chemicals and can 'release' the chemicals from her body through her pores. Upon being released, the chemicals mix and produce fire.

Em also has a form of teleportation, in which she can "enter" the "darkness" through a portal. It is unclear how this ability manifested, but she can literally rip open a portal, almost like a worm-hole, and use it similar to "teleportation." However, she must be careful when moving through these "darkness portals," because she doesn't want to cross over in to another dimension or alternate reality, given that little information has been collected and analyzed about the "darkness" she travels through.

Special Skills/Abilities: Em has the special ability of bad luck. She has the habit of either getting into trouble or getting others around her in to trouble.

Current Profession: Algebra and Geometry Teacher/ Resident /X-Men

Background: Similar to her brother, Matt, her home life in Ohio was wonderful until her fire and 'darkness portal' abilities surfaced at the age of fifteen. Just as unwilling to accept a mutant son, her parents were unwilling to accept a mutant daughter. Without even being contacted about admission for their daughter, Emily was sent to the Xavier Institute. Arriving on the doorstep with two suitcases in hand, Emily was uncertain what would come from this new place.

Professor Charles Xavier welcomed Emily with open arms. She was immediately enrolled in classes for both academics and her mutant abilities. Emily was somewhat of a loner. She preferred being by herself, never feeling as though she fit well among her peers.

When Emily was seventeen years old, now known by her alias 'Em', she met two young women around the same age: Jade Bennington and Gena Shinoda "Ajax". The three girls quickly bonded, coming to find they had more in common than they had originally thought. Em seemed to be a combination of her two new friends, each of whom shared a similar mutant ability as Em.

Over the next couple years, Em graduated from the Xavier Institute and went on to receive her Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics from the university. Her interest in these two fields was more to gain a better understand of her own "darkness portal" abilities. She proceeded to take a teaching position in Algebra and Geometry at the Xavier Institute.

While her former friends from her youth chose to leave the mansion and the X-men lifestyle, Em chose to stay. This choice was seemingly rewarded when she met and began dating Aidan Mitchell "Cobalt." After dating for three years, Aidan proposed to Em. Following a two year engagement, they were married in the chapel at the Xavier Institute. She and her husband, Aidan, now live together at the Xavier Institute.

Currently a teacher and X-men, Em has come to call the Xavier Institute her home.

Siblings: Matt Fieron (Brother), Veronica "V" Fieron (Sister), Avery Mitchell (Sister-in-law, deceased)