Izaak Shaw

Real Name: Izaak Shaw

Codename: Six Pack

Age: 24

Physical Description: Izaak is 6'1" tall, and roughly 180 lbs (before mutation). He has brown hair and green eyes.

Personality: Due to several years of solitary confinement in his home and nearby woods, Izaak at times can be reserved and shy when among a large group of people. As time goes on, and he becomes more comfortable with the people around him, his nature of being warmhearted and loyal, comes out. Because he hasn't had many friends in his life, Izaak tends to guard the few he has rather tightly often willing to sacrifice himself to make sure they're safe.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Has the mutation to spontaneously grow two extra sets of arms for a total of six. Each of the six arms is imbued with additional strength and flexibility that allows Izaak to rotate his arms 360 degrees and cross them across his back. His strength level with just two arms is above peak human levels and under ideal conditions with all six arms in use Izaak is capable of bench pressing 10 Tons.

Special skills: During his time in isolation in the woods Izaak developed proficiency in wrestling, boxing, and rough surface climbing.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men/Danger Room Instructor

Background: Izaak was born and raised in a small town outside of Crescent City, California nearby the redwood national forest. His life was quiet and normal growing up with a small group of friends and attending school just like anyone else would do at his age. Things progressed this way until he was thirteen. At this point Izaak's mutant abilities manifested and his secret was exposed to his parents. Rather than take him in as a member of the evolving human race, his parents rejected him and saw him as a demonic figure to be ashamed of. His death was faked, and a young, scared Izaak was forced into seclusion within his own home.

For years he remained alone and imprisoned in his home. His parents didn't want anything to do with him and often kept him cooped up in his bedroom. His only escape and peace came from the improvement of himself at night when he would sneak away from home and spend countless hours moving around the woodlands around his home. He never knew what the world was like outside of the woods and feared being able to survive beyond the forests and so he always returned home. He expanded his powers by testing his strength, his ability to climb trees, move through their branches, and defend himself against the more aggressive members of its wildlife. Eventually Izaak gained proficiency in the use of his multiple arms and grew comfortable with his mutant powers.

Five years after his exile where the Xavier Institute came to his doorstep; his parents were offered the freedom away from their son, and Izaak was offered his life back. For both it was an easy decision. Izaak was sent to the Xavier Institute a few days later without so much as a word from his parents.

After arriving at the Institute, Izaak was quickly thrown into the lifestyle of a student in training, taking part in danger room simulations along with large group missions along side the X-men. Izaak's development during his initial training was slow. Due to his extreme isolation interacting with large groups of people were difficult. Furthermore Izaak struggled with the limits of his mutant abilities relative to the more potent active powers of his teammates. He developed little friendships with the other students of the school for the first month at the institute.

Eventually Izaak met the sister of the headmistress, Madison during a routine training session. The two formed a quick friendship and eventually officially began dating a few months later. As time passed in the mansion, Izaak later began growing by gaining new friendships with Samira Qadir, Shirina Elson, and shortly after his arrival, Dorian Lynd. Once Cat began splitting the students up into teams for training, Izaak along with Shirina were assigned to the Corsairs as their field leaders. The responsibility became a source of motivation for Izaak, often pushing him to train harder on his own and take on a more active role during corsair training sessions.

Following the countless threats and attempts to kill Madison, Samira Qadir's betrayal hit Izaak fairly hard as he saw his one friend sacrifice his others for her own personal agenda. Since then Izaak's remained a loyal friend to those around him, a passionate student, a devoted boyfriend, and a dedicated leader for the Corsairs.

Siblings: Unknown