Jessica Zander

Real Name: Jessica "Jess" Zander

Codename: Blade

Age: 33

Physical Description: Jessica is approximately 5'7" tall with deep crimson irises and waist length dark red hair.

Personality: Jessica is one of those overly serious people who often does not understanding sarcasm or most witty jokes. She cares deeply for her siblings, especially since they are the only biological family she has left. Her sister, Sara, usually refers to Jessica as the "soft hearted" sister.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Jessica has the ability to form metallic blades, expelling them from the palms of her hands. Streaming through her blood is an unnatural overabundance of iron, along with other metal-like molecules, which she can release and re-absorb through her hands. The blades which she most commonly produces are a hard, black iron; they are typically circular shaped with three sets of three razor sharp points.

Special skills: As most X-men are, Jessica is highly trained in a wide variety of martial arts.

Current Profession: Security Personnel/Resident/X-Men

Background: Born in San Francisco, California to a wealthy, loving, and caring mother. Jessica and her twin sister, Sara, lived a life of pure happiness. Their father was never mentioned and seen once in a blue moon. Around Jessica and Sara's eleventh birthday, raging pain filled their bodies as their mutant powers manifested. Fire molecules began to bond to their molecular structure as both Sara and Jessica would soon come to realize that they could conjure fire. Jessica had a strange iron count in her body; it was off the charts. Jessica would come to realize that she could produce black iron blades. Her mother feared for their safety and sent them into hiding at the Xavier Institute. They're last name was changed to their mother's maiden name, Zander.

The girls grew up at the Xavier Institute together, but as they reached their teenage years Sara became a bit of a problem child. Sara ended up leaving the Xavier Institute to join the Acolytes, a subgroup of Magneto's brotherhood of evil mutants. Jessica remained on good speaking terms with her sister. In her spare time she tried to locate her brother, Brian, but there was little success.

When Jessica was twenty-five years old, the X-men were able to locate Brian quite by accident when they freed a group of mutants from a mutant testing facility. As news broke out that Jessica was the daughter of Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto), she began finding family all around her. She already knew about her half siblings, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.

At the age of twenty-seven, Jessica was residing at the Xavier Institute when tragedy struck. Her younger brother, Brian Zander, a formidable new X-men, had been killed on a mission in an attempt to protect his teammates. Following a small burial ceremony at the Xavier Institute, at which her father, Magneto, and several half-siblings attended, her sister Sara briefly left the Xavier Institute to grieve the loss of her brother. Sara had decided to return with her father and half-siblings to the Savage Lands. Meanwhile, Jessica engulfed herself in her security personnel work, climbing to the head of security position alongside Katherine Pryde "Shadowcat."

At the age of twenty-three, her sister Sara returned to the Xavier Institute. Jessica recognized that her sister remained cold and distant with the students training to be X-men and wondered in part if it is due to Brian's death, as he transitioned rather quickly from a student to an X-men upon graduating high school. Jessica hoped that her sister would reconcile with her brother's death, having noticed her sister had taken a particular interest in a student training in the Corsair squad, Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack."

At the age of twenty-nine, her father brought her youngest sister, Iris, to the Xavier Institute for protection from the splintered group the "Acolytes" - later known as "Exalted X." Sara took an immediate dislike to the spoiled sister, Iris; however, Jessica was excited to meet and bond with her new sister. While she knew that Iris could never replace Brian, she still took full advantage of getting to know her.

At age thirty-three, Sara discovered that her father, Magneto, had been hiding Brian at his medical facility in the Savage Lands, keeping him in a induced coma. Sara asked Izaak Shaw to help her rescue him. The mission was a success. However, when Brian returned to the mansion, he was changed. He wasn't the same person he had been prior to his presumed death. When Sara informed Jessica that Brian was alive, Sara was overjoyed. However, she was incredibly angry to learn that Sara had not informed her about the rescue mission.

Now at age thirty-three, Jessica is head of the security program at the Xavier Institute, installing new technology to make the campus safe for its residents. 

Siblings: Sara Zander (Sister), Brian Zander (Brother), Pietro Maximoff "Quicksilver" (Half Brother), Wanda Maximoff "Scarlet Witch" (Half Sister), Lorna Dane "Polaris" (Half Sister), Iris Eisenhardt (Half Sister)