Joshua Connor Jr.


Real Name: Joshua Conner Jr. (The Third)

Codename: Voltage

Age: 23

Physical Description: Joshua is approximately 6’0” tall and 158 lbs. He has dirty blonde hair and blue-gray eyes, as well as an athletic build.

Personality: Josh is more of a rebel/loner kind of person.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Powers: Electrical Manipulation and Manfestation & Technopathy. Using surrounding particles in the air, Josh can pull them into his own bio-electrical field to enable himself the ability of flight. Josh can create electrical fields that bond with magnetic fields to bend metal away from his electricity. Josh can not only create electrical fields from his own body but he can control mass electrical fields in the area around him and even drain power from buildings. Overtime, Josh had gone into training and developed a form of Technopathy, allowing his electrical brainwaves to enter machines and “speak” to them. In the past, Josh had lost emotional control of his powers and developed a special state that was named Overload. In this state, his very flesh becomes electrified, his eyes become white and spark with electricity, and energy surrounds his body. In this form, his nervous and muscular system is vastly increased, thus increasing his speed, reaction time, and strength drastically while damaging his own body.

Special Skills/Abilities: Programmer/Hacker

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Born in West Allis, Wisconsin, Joshua appeared to live a fairly “normal” life until he reached puberty and his mutant abilities surfaced. His parents, both ordinary humans, were rather accepting of Josh’s newfound abilities due to the fact that Josh’s grandfather was a mutant with similar capabilities.

His grandfather would take Josh under his wing, so to speak, and teach Josh to control his mutation. Around this time, Josh’s family suffered an emotional trauma when his little sister, Evalyn, was kidnapped. Josh dealt with the news of his sister’s disappearance by submerging himself in to learning to control his powers. Over the next couple years, Josh and his grandfather would become incredibly close.

However, Josh’s childhood was seemingly ripped away from him in his mid-teen years when he witnessed his grandfather being murdered by a mutant member of the Brotherhood. Subsequently, Josh’s parents would enroll him at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester, New York where he would be safe to continue learning to control his gifts.

Once at the Xavier School, Josh had unlimited resources at his fingertips. He began searching for his sister while simultaneously training to control his gifts, working on schoolwork, and trying to find his place in the world, Hero or Zero?

Several years had passed in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters; Josh had developed his powers and had proven to be a major asset to the team when he was recruited for the X-Men. However, a lot had happened to emotionally and physically screw with Josh, causing him to strive for release. Without telling anyone, including the love of his life, he left his home, going out into the world to discover himself, his purpose, and his life’s very goal.

While out in the world, Josh gained full control and concentration of his powers. Not always doing the right thing but always for the greater good. His powers were dangerous; he couldn’t help but hurt people sometimes, but in the end it was for the good of everyone.

Now Josh has returned home to the Xavier Institute, but what he doesn’t expect to find is that some of the people from his past were no longer there. People he loved and would miss.

Siblings: Evalyn "Eve" (Sister)