Katerina Nikolievna Rasputin

Real Name: Katerina Nikolievna Rasputin

Codename: Alchemy

Age: 18

Physical Description: Katerina stands at 5’1” and weighs about 120 pounds. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Personality: Due to the bloodline curse, her personality has been affected greatly. Katerina at times can seem odd and as if she is always on a tangent. Her mind suffers from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) causing her to have to do specific things, and believe she must always wear a hat. She can also have brief psychotic episodes, where she may hallucinate, and have disorganized speech. Katerina is a very nice and kind person, although at times few may understand her. She is loyal to those around her that she cares for and can understand others well for most of the time.

Finally seeking help to deal with her issues, Katerina now has better control over herself, no longer suffering from psychotic episodes. The OCD lingers but she has found a way to manage her life by keeping up with her exercise, yoga, and meditation along with new eating habits, and other natural ways to heal her mind. She is easier to understand now, and can complete a thought before running off to the next topic. The change will be evident when speaking to her. Now she is disciplined, and focused where before she lacked in those areas

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Katerina has the ability of poison generation, which allows her to create and control toxins. She can use this ability against her adversaries by creating a dust that she thinks up in her mind and produces through her palms and can blow towards her adversaries. When she sought help for her disorder her ability of animation grew and changed as she did. Now she has the ability to control and change molecules. Katerina lost the ability to teleport when she lost her obsession with hats.

Special skills: Katerina is good at hand to hand combat. She has now gained the ability to meditate and remain focused. She is studying natural medicines, yoga, tai chi, reiki, and learning about the chakras within her body.

Current Profession: Student/Resident

Background: Katerina is the youngest sibling in her family with two elder brothers and one elder sister. Sadly she has seen none of them except for her sister in the past eight years. She had gone to her sister’s funeral, and she hated that day more than anything else in her life. For a good portion of her life she felt like an outcast, being called crazy and weird for a good portion of her life.

Katerina has been placed in several institutions due to her disorders. Each time though things only seemed to get worse. The medications seeming to only help for a short period of time before they simply no longer worked. From the age of 8 years old up till now she has been institutionalized several times, causing her to have never lived a normal life and never going to school with other children who were defined as 'normal.'

Joining the X-men had been the best decision she had ever made. Her brother Piotr had been more that she expected and had turned out to be a friend to her, which had surprised her more than anything. Meeting V was wonderful and having a sister was a bonus. She enjoyed herself most of the time.

The longer she was there though the more she realized how hard her mental state made things for her. Regardless of how happy she appeared, she wasn’t. Deciding to leave for a while she returned to Russia and spent a lot of time alone. Finally she spiraled into a psychotic break and realized she needed help. She was only putting herself and others at risk, and now with being a part of the X-men that risk was too high.

Initially she didn't think that therapy would help, but she decided to give it a try. Over the first month nothing really had changed but then she had not put in much effort. Finally she began doing as her therapist instructed and started with meditation. Over time she found herself in a routine daily, meditation, then a jog, followed by yoga. She changed her eating habit and sought natural medicines, which mostly consisted of teas and different herbs.

Finally when she felt stable enough she returned to the X-men. She knew there were still going to be challenges she would face, now though she felt far better suited to face them. She knew she would need to begin training and practicing more with her abilities and learn better control. Her life now would be disciplined, and focused. She would still have fun, but her control over herself could never falter. She didn't know the challenges she would face returning but now she was ready to face them.

Siblings: Nikolai (father, deceased), Alexandra (mother, deceased), Mikhail (brother), Piotr (Colossus, brother), Illyana (Magik, sister, deceased), Veronica Fieron Rasputin (Sister-in-law)