Lauren McCully


Real Name: Lauren McCully

Codename: Steam

Age: 23

Physical Description: Lauren is 5'5" tall; an average height for her age. She has soft orange hues, long blonde hair which reaches halfway down her back, and a somewhat pale complexion. Lauren's former vigilante uniform was turned into her new X-men uniform, consisting of a black mask with dark blue accents covering the lower half of her face, a black long-sleeved suit with dark blue accents, black gloves, a dark blue utility belt, and dark blue knee-high boots with black accents.

Personality: Lauren is still rather shy and quiet, and keeps to herself most of the time.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Water and Ice. Lauren can use the elements around her to produce water. She can manipulate the water in to any shape or form, whether it is freezing the water molecules in to ice or heating the water molecules to create a thick, foggy mist.

Special skills: Lauren is a bookworm. She is quite intelligent for her age.

Current Profession: Resident/ X-Men

Background: Lauren McCully grew up in a caring home in California with her father, mother, and older sister. Her family was quite wealthy and her sister and she were rather spoiled.

She lived in a plush neighborhood where every house was an enormous complex with a wide, lush green front yard. Lauren and her sister, Leslie, attended a private school until they reached their pre-teen years.

Lauren was the first to show signs of abnormality. When she was ten years old, she caused the pool in her backyard bubble and swirl like a hot-tub. Her sister's telekinetic mutant powers surfaced mere weeks later. Her parents, living in an anti-mutant community, un-enrolled Lauren and Leslie from their private school. They hired private instructors to home-school the girls and even banned the girls from leaving the house. Despite their parents' efforts to hide the girls from the world, they were soon discovered.

A year after their powers had surfaced, Lauren and Leslie became tired of being cooped up inside the house. While their father was at work and their mother was cooking dinner in the kitchen, the McCully sisters snuck outside. They were playing a lonely one-on-one game of kickball in their front yard when Leslie kicked the ball in to the street in front of the house. Lauren raced after it, determined to get it before it rolled across the street. As she ran out in to the middle of the road, an oncoming car slammed on its brakes to try to avoid hitting her. However, the car had been speeding and the frantic driver was certain he was going to hit Lauren. All of a sudden the car flipped in to the air and landed in the yard, Leslie had used her telekinetic abilities to prevent the car from striking Lauren.

The driver was amazed and confused by what had happened. Mere days later, he contacted a local news station about the event. Before long, the media had put two and two together and realized that Lauren and Leslie McCully were mutants.

One week after the incident, a young man in his mid-twenties came to the McCully home. He explained that he knew of a safe haven for Lauren and Leslie; a place where they could continue their education and learn to control their abilities, as well as remain hidden once more from the public. However, the man informed the McCullys that they would not know the whereabouts of this haven in order to keep its location safe. After a difficult discussion, their parents agreed the safe haven was the best choice for the girls and, before long, Lauren and Leslie had packed their suitcases and sent on their way.

Although the girls missed their parents they were amazed at the compound they now lived in. Mutants of all kinds lived in a complex below ground. The McCully sisters quickly fell in love with the place they would soon call home.

Unfortunately, the McCully sisters' troubles were not over. Three years after moving to the small hidden mutant community, it's location was discovered and attacked. A special ops group, secretly funded by the government, entered the complex and massacred almost every living being. Over 115 mutants died and only three survived, the McCully sisters being two. The McCully sisters were found huddled together, surrounded by dead bodies. They were taken to a mutant research lab facility where they underwent horrific mutant testing.

After six months at the mutant research lab facility, a squad of X-Men broke in to the facility and freed Lauren and Leslie from their captors. The girls were taken to Westchester, New York where the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters is located. Lauren would live at the Xavier Institute in a dorm with her sister, Leslie. They were enrolled in classes at the Institute to continue their education. Lauren and Leslie began to settle in to their new surroundings and tried to piece their lives back together.

Less than a year after their arrival at the Xavier Institute, Lauren and Leslie were kidnapped by the Kingson Organization in the early weeks of February. The leaders of the organization were interested in using the McCully sister's powers for their own personal gain. After a full-fledged investigation, the location of the McCully sisters was identified, and a rescue mission was launched. The McCully sisters were safely returned to the Xavier Institute and placed under the protective detail of Aidan Mitchell "Cobalt."

Roughly a year later, in 2015, Lauren and Leslie were assigned to the Paragons, a student training squad meant to assist students in developing their powers and skills, as well as prepare students for futures as X-Men.

In 2016, the McCully twins, still under Aidan's protective detail after being kidnapped over a year ago, were divided on their feelings of an Acolyte member, who had been added to Aidan's detail, being allowed to live at the Xavier Institute. Lauren felt uneasy with Kaliska around, given previous Acolyte's past track records with turning on the X-men and attacking her friends. Leslie, however, was eager to use Kaliska to gain information about the Acolytes. After an argument between the siblings in the garden of the Xavier Institute, Leslie snuck off the mansion grounds, refusing to remain at the Xavier Institute with her sister, Lauren. Not long after leaving the mansion grounds, Leslie was approached by Renee Carr, who used her powers of illusion to implant false memories into Leslie's mind and ultimately sway her into joining the Acolytes.

In 2017, Lauren, along with several other residents, was inducted into the X-Men, moving on from her former Paragon Squad. However, the newly inducted X-men did not see much action in the field. Lauren's friend Madison decided to gain more experience as a vigilante in the nearby city. When Lauren discovered Madison's activity, she initially joined to keep an eye on Madison, but soon found she enjoyed helping people as a vigilante. Not long after, their friend Veronica Fieron joined them. The three women's vigilante career didn't last long, as their activities were soon discovered by Dorian Lynd and Damien DeVol. They were all placed on probation from X-Men duties and restricted to the mansion grounds, with the exception of attending off-campus classes at their respective universities.

Lauren currently resides at the Xavier Institute while attending her third year of undergraduate university in New York, where she is pursuing degrees in Library Science, Psychology, and Military Strategy. In all honesty, the Library Science is more for her personal love of books than anything else. Lauren is pursuing all of her passions: embracing her mutant abilities as an X-Men as well as indulging her thirst for knowledge, love of books, people, and strategy in university. However, despite everything going for her, Lauren still feels a hole in her heart, as her sister Leslie remains a Brotherhood member and does not maintain any contact with Lauren.

Siblings: Leslie (Sister)