Lias Acheron

Real Name: Lias Acheron

Codename: Brood

Age: 22

Physical Description: Lias is approx. 6'0" tall and weighs around 180. He has short light brown hair and green eyes. He wear two types of uniforms the first is the black typical leather from the movies. The other uniform is high collared black leather trench coat. The collar hides his mouth and neck.

Personality: His personality is highly driven by his morals and virtues. He is a generally a gentle individual who puts the safety and well being of others before his own. Lias is shy and reserved for the most part though he tends to loosen up around music and parties. He is passionate about just about anything he does and is more emotional than he lets on. Lias has a hidden fun personality though most are blind to it. Though he is at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, when he has it rough he seeks the safety of his own solitude.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Brood's powers are rather unique and complex. He is both a telepath and teleporter. However his abilities at the moment are specific. He can teleport any insectoid creature he has seen to the surface of or inside his body or the surface of or anything that he touches. Also by covering himself or another body 60% in insects he can teleport himself or the other body. By use of naturally emitted pheremones and telepathy he can control his insect army. He can control vast swarms of thousands of insects at once however the more being controlled put a strain on his mind making it difficult to focus or be mobile if he's controlling too many insects at once.

*Brood has just recently discovered that he can teleport a strange insect like monster called the brood. Apparently this new strain is present somewhere...They are extremely durable and deadly. He can control a current max of 6. These are much more difficult to control than his insects and which controlling insects he can only control a max of 3. As Brood controls more of the insect monsters his body mutates and seems to appear more like the monsters when he controls 3 or more (teeth become fang like with mandibles, he grows savage, eyes enlarge, exoskeleton, claws are generated from finger nails, additional set of arms grow, insect wings grow). While controlling the brood at his limit he himself looses control and adopts the savage persona of the monsters he control. If his focus is broken or he is strained too much while controlling the brood they are released from his control and he reverts back to human form temporarily being vulnerable . The brood are extremely difficult to get back under his control.

Picture: Broodling

Special skills: Lias is extraordinarily keen of mind and is a skilled strategist in the most difficult of situations. He is well trained in several martial arts and is fairly flexible and acrobatic.

Current Profession: Student/Resident

Background: Lias grew up in a poor family, consisting of a father, mother, older brother, and younger sister. As a young boy, during the middle of the night his father was murdered in an alley in front of him. His mother became rather ill shortly afterwards and was unable to pay for medical care.

It soon became even more difficult for the family to bring in money and pay their accumulating bills. His older brother left several months later, claiming he would 'make it big and find the money to save his family,' but he never returned. Lias was forced to work at a young age to support his family while simultaneously attending school.

When he was fifteen years old, his mother passed away. After a long time of mourning, he and his younger sister were forced to leave their apartment building and take to the streets. It was during this time that his "gifts" manifested.

While he was carefully and silently rummaging through a woman's purse who had been sitting on a park bench watching her children at play, a police officer caught sight of him. The officer approached Lias and whacked him with his night stick. When Lias tried to escape, the officer tried to subdue him with several more strikes from the night stick. Lias screamed for help, but none came. Nearby a hornets nest was buzzing rather loudly. As the officer continued striking him, Lias was overwhelmed with desperation and fright, and began concentrating on the hornets. Within moments the officer suddenly stopped and began wildly flailing his arms around… the hornets had left their hive and had begun viciously stinging the officer's neck, face, and arms. After wobbly getting to his feet, Lias began to wonder if he had caused the hornets to attack the officer. He didn't ponder the subject for long, knowing eventually the hornets' attack would cease, thus Lias escaped from the park and returned to his younger sister. After several more incidents in which insects came to his rescue, Lias began to realize he could control insects, although he didn't fully understand how.

Some months after the development of his powers, his younger sister disappeared during the night. Lias presumed she was kidnapped and possibly killed. It was during this time he was once more plagued by a deep sorry and lost a sense of purpose. His only friends were his insect/arachnid companions. He wandered aimlessly for several months before hearing from a couple Morlocks, whom he was associated with, of the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

Having no where left to go, he would head for the Xavier Institute. Upon arrival, he was welcomed and given a room. He is currently a student and resident at the Xavier Institute.

Siblings: Damian (Brother), Natalie (Sister)