Luke Hartfield


Real Name: Luke Hartfield

Codename: N/A (not assigned)

Age: 23

Physical Description: Luke is a lean, cleanly shaved young man in his early twenties. His head is covered in a thick mop of curly, dark brown hair that accentuates his eyes, which are a similar color. His body is lean from hours spent in the pool swimming, and his hygiene is impeccable, showing that he takes good care of it.

Personality: Luke Hartfield is an intelligent young man. He's a quick learner and holds nothing back when learning or practicing new skills. Somewhat of an introvert, Luke finds dealing with new situations tiring as he doesn't want to do anything to step on anyone's toes. He's very quick to apologize for perceived slights, and shies away from physical contact due to his power.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Nerve Manipulation. Luke can manipulate nervous systems whether they belong to himself or other people. By simply coming within close proximity to another being (within three inches), he can manipulate another person's nerves to cause paralysis, pain, or numbness. Alternatively, he can also cause relaxation, remove pain, and affect body chemistry in a way that controls emotions. His power is very underdeveloped, having just been realized recently. It works much better when he has physical contact. Using his power requires a lot of energy, and he usually needs to eat after using it for an extended period of time.

Special skills: Luke is a certified Massage Therapist in the state of Florida. He is also an excellent swimmer. His metabolism is incredibly fast, leaving him to eat several large meals over the course of the day.

Current Profession: Resident

Background: Luke was a middle child of 3, growing up in the suburbs of Florida. He excelled in school both in grades and in sports. Early on, he tried out for many sports to try and find the one he wanted to play for the remainder of his school days in hopes of getting a full-ride scholarship to a big time university. Eventually his heart settled on swimming, joining the varsity team his freshman year, and making captain his sophomore. He was offered many scholarships to Ivy League schools, but declined them all.

When he was about 11, he discovered what he came to call his “magic hands.” It was a mundane situation; he was rubbing his brother's shoulders after a rough football practice when his brother exclaimed that he no longer felt any pain at all, let alone fatigue. At first, Luke chalked this up as a coincidence, but as his brother kept coming back more and more, he realized that it was his hands that were doing the work. He tried it on whoever else would let him; his teammates, his parents, relatives, friends. They all said the same thing. His hands were magic. They encouraged him to become a massage therapist or a doctor of some sort, saying that he could make a fortune. He agreed, and his mind was made up.

Completing his certificate in record time after he completed high school, Luke went to work on any client that would take him. Since he was working freelance, the jobs were few at first. But as time went on, he started collecting more and more calls as word of his talent spread. He eventually started charging more to try to make his time a little more exclusive since he couldn't keep up with everyone, but that didn't stop his clients. He was making a lot of money for a freelancer, and was making his parents proud.

As time moved on, he started growing weary. After every session he grew hungrier and hungrier. Often, he needed to eat an unusually large amount of food to keep up. Things were going well for him until his power spiked unexpectedly. He was taking care of one of his regular clients when she started complaining that her back was going numb. He felt different that day but couldn't put a finger on why. Luke began to rub where she went numb in order to restore circulation, not knowing what could possibly have caused it. It was then that his client began to scream in agony when he touched her, and only stopped when he backed away. As she laid there with heavy breath, he looked at his hands in horror. His magic hands that had been such a gift were now a curse. He canceled the rest of his appointments for that day and visited his brother. Upon being told, his brother graciously allowed Luke to give him a massage, with the same result.

Luke closed shop that day and sought a doctor who could help him. He was told that he was a mutant. Feeling a sense of duty, he manned up and registered himself as a mutant that very day. Time passed by, and he realized he wasn't happy with this. He gradually practiced on himself until he got a handle on what his power could do, and how to do it, but he wasn't learning fast enough. This frustrated him. He had always been a fast learner, this shouldn't have been any different. He went back to the doctor and asked if he knew of any place that could help him, and he was pointed towards the Xavier Mansion in New York. After mulling over the decision for a few days, he picked up his phone and called the Headmistress, asking if they could help. He was on a plane out the next morning

Siblings: Brother