Real Name: Madison

Codename: Sage, formerly Sage Cat/Sage Kitten

Age: 25

Physical Description: Madison is 5'5" tall, slim, and slightly muscular. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her uniform consists of a sleeveless black vest with a v-neck cut, dark silver multi-wrap utility belt, black fitted leather pants, and knee-high black boots.

Personality: Madison is soft-hearted and tends to believe in the best in people. She is also extremely loyal, so betrayals are extremely difficult for her to deal with. Despite being less "severe" in personality compared to her older sisters, BlackCat and SilverCat, she is extremely competent in missions and has matured into a strong and dependable member of the X-men.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Madison has the ability to form and control energy blasts, expelling them from the palms of her hands. She can produce a glowing ball of pure energy capable of inflicting severe injury. Her most common energy blast consists of a sage base color energy.

Madison also has the ability to render herself wholly or partially invisible at will. She can also render other people or objects invisible so long as she remains in physical contact with them. As her powers expand and grow as she gets older, she has also learned how to shield or "cloak" her energy blasts from view, being able to discharge blasts and keeping them invisible to those around her.

Special skills: Madison has excellent reflexes and thorough training in mixed martial arts.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men/Veterinarian

Background: Most of Madison's background is unknown per Cat's request. The only person outside her immediate family that knows about her personal history is Izaak Shaw, the love of her life and best friend. Each member of her family is closely linked to a specific animal; Madison's animal companion is a snow leopard. She has three siblings: Rage (Brother, 34, Wolf), BlackCat "Cat" (Sister, 32, Black Panther), and SilverCat (Sister, 29, White Tiger). Of her three siblings, only her sisters, BlackCat and SilverCat, reside at the Xavier Institute.

Prior to arriving at the Xavier Institute, Madison was a member of a mutant gang affiliated with Magneto's brotherhood of mutants. The gang was full of rather vicious and vengeful people bent on exacting revenge for past wrongs. Madison initially joined the group under false pretenses; however, by the time she learned the true nature of the group, she was in too deep. In order to survive in the chaotic environment, Madison participated in missions she was not proud of.

After two years with the group, Madison found her moment to escape during a mission in New York. Madison separated from the group and took a taxi to the Xavier Institute. She had discovered that her older sisters, BlackCat and SilverCat, were residing there. She had also heard that the Xavier Institute was a safe haven for mutants.

Upon arriving at the Xavier Institute, Madison was welcomed with open arms despite her past history. Initially she had a difficult time fitting in at the mansion; many people felt she was receiving special treatment due to her familial relationship with the headmistress and head of council, BlackCat. After three months at the Xavier Institute, she was finally befriended by Samira Qadir and Veronica Fieron.

In 2015, Madison was assigned to the student training squad, the Corsairs, to become an X-Men. Meanwhile, she was receiving threats from the gang she abandoned. Eventually these threats came to a head in New York City, where she battled the gang alongside her friends, Samira Qadir and Veronica Fieron. As if that wasn't enough to juggle physically and emotionally, she was also attending university, majoring in veterinary science. While juggling a hectic training and school schedule, she managed to find time for her friends and new boyfriend, Izaak Shaw "Six Pack."

Having finally dealt with her past, Madison focused on her future. Madison was inducted into the X-Men, alongside her fellow Corsairs and Paragons. She continued onto university for her education in veterinary science, which she hopes will provide her a sense of normalcy down the road. She eventually graduated with her degree, becoming a certified veterinarian. Additionally, she and her boyfriend, Izaak Shaw "Six Pack," are still going strong after five years.

Siblings: Rage (Brother), BlackCat (Sister), SilverCat (Sister)

Pets: A snow leopard, nicknamed "Leo"