Alicia Horobi-Weiser

Real Name: Alicia Briana Horobi-Weiser

Codename: Magic

Age: 15

Physical Description: Magic is about 4'3 tall with short red hair and blue eyes. She often appears in a daze as though daydreaming, getting used to normal fashion since she's been in whatever uniforms were given to her most of her life.

Personality: Socially awkward, she hasn't had many dealings with normal people since she's been a weapon since she was a toddler. She tries to act older than her age, often over evaluates most things, and doesn't like being wrong. She is moderately stubborn.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral Good

Powers: Physical transmutations. She touches something and in a bright flash it's something else, so far it's been limited to her imagination but a lot of her feats have been rather astounding. Telephone poles into anacondas, tanks into goats, coal into diamonds, lead into gold, people into ash during the brief stint of her being a weapon. Her powers don't affect her however. She can heal others to a limited extent with this by 'restoring' parts of them. Not much practice with this however so she could mess it up.

Her powers for now require her to touch the target with her hands, if there is something preventing her from focusing on the transmutation such as drugging or psionic interference then she can't transmute the object. While she can transmute liquids there is a delay to her powers underwater from a lack of aquatic training with them, as well as if her hands are restrained then she can't transform the target. It's possible later that she could focus her powers through other parts of her body but for now it's limited to her hands. Her social alienation also has left her open to possible deception/allure of the opposite gender. This can lead her into traps but also runs the risk of her killing the person who betrayed her.

Special skills: Hand to hand combat and espionage involving disguises, acrobatics, and distance running.

Current Profession: Student/Resident

Background: Magic was a spirited child till one day her parents bought the toddler a toy she didn't want and she turned it into a giant stuffed lion. Startled and concerned that their baby girl was turning out to be just like her older brother, they contacted local authorities and handed their daughter over for 'treatment'. After some time they were told she 'passed away' during therapy and was left in the hands of the government. At first they made her do simple things like changing blocks into other shapes. Pushing her training forward once she was aware enough to do more with her powers they made her a weapon. Utilizing her size they worked on her speed to close the distance, training her steadily while keeping her sedated or in genoshan collars to prevent her from escaping. Upon hitting the age of twelve she became aware that she was hurting people and broke down, refusing to work anymore as a herald of death, so they sedated her and suspended her from the ceiling in restraints that wouldn't allow her to touch anything. Awaiting the members of the Weapon X program to come pick her up. Information leaked out of a potential class 5 being put into Weapon X, so the acolytes were attempting to break her out but were thwarted when the X-Men beat them to it. Now as a trainee in the Xavier Institute, she's learning to catch up on a lot of the things in life she missed out on.

Siblings: Brother