Matt Fieron

Real Name: Matt Fieron

Codename: None

Age: 30

Physical Description: He is quite tall, well built, and muscular. Unlike his sisters who have black hair, his hair has a darker brown color. His eyes are a deep green; however, when he uses his fire abilities, his deep green hues change to a red crimson color and a red glow appears around his eyes, a family trait known to also exist in his younger sisters.

Personality: He is the "silent but strong" type. Often voicing his thoughts and opinions once he has heard everyone's side of the story or opinion on the matter. Despite his experience in the field, he still feels uncomfortable in any high leadership position.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Matt can use the energy in the atmosphere to emit fire from his palms. He can manipulate the fire in to spheres and use them as a type of blast.

Special Skills/Abilities: He is very good in the martial arts. He has a passion for reading and can be very articulate. He is very athletic, having played football and basketball most of his time at the Xavier Institute.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Matt's home life in Ohio was wonderful until his fire abilities surfaced. Mere weeks after his fire abilities came to life, his parents were contacted by Professor Charles Xavier. He informed them about the Xavier Institute and the endless possibilities Matt would have upon attending. His parents, unable to bear the thought that their only son was a mutant, decided to send him away. He came to the Xavier Institute when he was twelve years old. Matt became a student and excelled in academics, specifically the math and sciences.

When Matt was eighteen years old, he graduated from the Xavier Institute and decided to attend university for Chemical Engineering. He decided to remain a resident at the Xavier Institute, a decision for which he became rather grateful.

One day Matt was outside sitting under a large oak tree, his eyes closed as he slept. A breeze rustled through his hair and he opened his eyes to see a young girl he had never met before. After getting to his feet and greeting her, he learned that her name was Izumi. She had come to the mansion, like every other mutant, to learn to control her powers. The two quickly became friends and over time much more.

Currently at the Xavier Institute, Matt is an X-men and helps train young ones in the Danger Room. Life is hectic and confusing at the Xavier Institute as each day brings some form of trouble, but he gets through it with Izumi by his side.

Siblings: Emily "Em" Fieron (Sister), Veronica "V" Fieron (Sister)