Piotr Rasputin

Real Name: Piotr (Peter) Nikolaievitch Rasputin

Codename: Colossus

Age: 25

Physical Description: Piotr is approx. 6’5” to 6’7” tall. His weight varies, depending on whether he is in his metallic form or not. He has jet black hair and is extremely muscular.

Personality: Piotr is fairly quiet and seemingly shy. However, when he feels comfortable in his surroundings, he loves to make people laugh.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Colossus can transmute his entire body into solid organic steel. His strength greatly increases upon transformation, as does his height and mass. In armored form he is nearly invulnerable, and doesn't need to breathe or eat.

Special Skills/Abilities: Piotr is an accomplished artist

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Professor Charles Xavier found Piotr (Peter) Nikolaievitch Rasputin in the Ust-Ordyinski collective in the Ukraine, shortly after the Russian mutant smashed a tractor that was bearing down upon his little sister Illyana. Xavier convinced Piotr that his powers were needed by the world, not just for his own personal uses. Piotr was enrolled as a student and before long joined the ranks of the X-Men. However, after the Professor had passed away, Piotr returned home to live with his family again. Unfortunately tragedy struck one day while Piotr was working in the fields; his family’s house caught fire. His mother, father, and little sister passed away that day, or so Piotr thought. With nothing left Piotr returned to the Xavier mansion, to his team, and to the school he had called home so long ago.

Despite the horrific tragedy, the next couple of years were wonderful for Piotr; so much had happened in his life. Shortly after his return to the mansion, he met a beautiful girl named Veronica “V” Fieron. He soon fell in love with her.

When everything seemed to be looking up for Piotr -- a new home, a beautiful girlfriend, and a best friend -- Piotr suddenly had to leave to return to Russia. News reached him that his sister, Illyana, was alive and had survived the fire, however, she had been kidnapped by his bother Mikhail. After three long months of searching with no end in sight, Piotr, with the help of his cousin Mika, finally found his brother in Moscow. Mikhail was about take over the capital, with his sister in hand. After a drawn out battle between Piotr and Mikhail, when all the dust had settled, Piotr stood victorious over his brother and saved his sister.

After saving his sister, Piotr thought it would be best to return to the Xavier mansion once more. He spent his time finishing his schooling in order to get his degree in art. He also spent his day hanging with his new friends and the love of his life, Veronica.

After Piotr returned home from another small incident in Russia, where his sister had caught a sickness and passed away, Piotr proposed to Veronica and hoped to live the rest of his life happily together with her… Now the only thing he has to worry about is dealing with Veronica’s older sister and brother. He hopes his metal is strong enough to withstand the heat and falling from great heights.

Family: Nikolai (father, deceased), Alexandra (mother, deceased), Mikhail (brother), Illyana (Magik, sister, deceased), Katerina (Hatter, sister), Veronica “V” Fieron (fiancé)