Sara Zander

Real Name: Sara Zander

Codename: Inferno

Age: 33

Physical Description: Sara is roughly 5'7" tall with long, waist length, natural red hair and black highlights. Her eyes are a dark crimson color.

Personality: Sara is extremely opposite of her twin sister, Jessica Zander. She often does as she pleases, which tends to cause headaches for the Xavier Institute Council. Sara has little to no patience for X-men in training, and usually prefers they stay out of her way until they are competent enough to actually join the ranks of the X-men.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Sara has the ability to control and manipulate fire. She can seemingly create fire from thin air by using the energy in the atmosphere around her. She can engulf her entire body in flames, and will not be burnt.

Special skills: Sara has trained in a vast range of martial arts, including Judo.

Current Profession: Danger Room Instructor/Resident/X-Men

Background: Born in San Francisco, California to a wealthy, loving, and caring mother. Sara and her twin sister, Jessica, lived a life of pure happiness. Their father was never mentioned and seen once in a blue moon. Around Sara and Jessica's eleventh birthday, raging pain filled their bodies as their mutant powers manifested. Fire molecules began to bond to their molecular structure as both Sara and Jessica would soon come to realize that they could conjure fire. Jessica had a strange iron count in her body; it was off the charts. Jessica would come to realize that she could produce black iron blades. Her mother feared for their safety and sent them into hiding at the Xavier Institute. They're last name was changed to their mother's maiden name, Zander.

The girls grew up at the Xavier Institute together, but as they reached their teenage years Sara became a bit of a problem child. Sara ended up leaving the Xavier Institute to join the Acolytes, a subgroup of Magneto's brotherhood of evil mutants. Sara remained on good speaking terms with her sister. After being on the same side as her father, Sara eventually grew tired of it and quit the Acolytes. She would join a group known as the Advanced Children of the Atom (ACA); she was one of the founders of the group. However, fights broke out amongst the rapidly growing ACA and the group disbanded. The majority of the mutants took up residency at the Xavier Institute, but Sara simply became a rogue mutant, fighting crime as one of many costumed heroes in the New York area. She didn't have an allegiance to anyone.

However, word soon reached her that Jessica had found their little brother, Brian. Sara would return to the Xavier Institute to reunite with her siblings. As news broke out that Sara and Jessica were daughters of Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto), she began finding family all around her. She already knew about her half siblings, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff; however, it seemed Magneto had fostered countless "illegitimate children."

At the age of twenty-seven, Sara was residing at the Xavier Institute when tragedy struck. Her younger brother, Brian Zander, a formidable new X-men, had been killed on a mission in an attempt to protect his teammates. Following a small burial ceremony at the Xavier Institute, at which her father, Magneto, and several half-siblings attended, Sara briefly left the Xavier Institute to grieve the loss of her brother. She returned with her father and half-siblings to the Savage Lands.

At age twenty-nine, Sara returned to the Xavier Institute, rejoining the ranks of the X-men. She had grown even more impatient with the students training to be X-men, often telling them to stay out of the way until they have become competent enough to join the ranks of the X-men themselves. However, Sara seemed to have developed a soft spot in her rigid exterior toward one particular student on the Corsair training squad, Izaak Shaw "Six-Pack," who reminds her of her deceased brother, Brian. Because of this, she would find herself often looking out for him and his small group of friends, although she would never admit to it.

At age twenty-nine, Sara's youngest sister, Iris, was brought to the Xavier Institute for protection against Exalted X while Magneto dealt with their mutiny. Sara took an immediate dislike to the spoiled sister, Iris; however, Jessica was excited to meet and bond with her new sister.

At age thirty-three, Sara discovered that her father, Magneto, had been hiding Brian at his medical facility in the Savage Lands, keeping him in a induced coma. Sara asked Izaak Shaw to help her rescue him. The mission was a success. However, when Brian returned to the mansion, he was changed. He wasn't the same person he had been prior to his presumed death.

Siblings: Jessica Zander (Sister), Brian Zander (Brother), Pietro Maximoff "Quicksilver" (Half Brother), Wanda Maximoff "Scarlet Witch" (Half Sister), Lorna Dane "Polaris" (Half Sister), Iris Eisenhardt "Smoke" (Half Sister)