Shirina Elson

Real Name: Shirina Elson

Codename: Ariel

Age: 22

Physical Description: Shirina is 5'7" tall and approx.125 lbs. She has fading steely red hair and faceted blue eyes like water reflecting on a wall.

Personality: Shirina likes quiet and solitude half the time, and the other half throws herself into the midst of a crowd not to feel so isolated

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Water. Shirina has the ability to control water. She can extract water from anything that contains water, as well as extract things from bodies of water themselves.

Special skills: She can sing a three octave range, but doesn't like singing in front of people because doesn’t believe she is a good singer.

Current Profession: Resident/X-Men

Background: Shirina always loved water, even before her powers surfaced.  She would have spent all day in the water if she could have.  As the “mutant disease” entered the mainstream media, Shirina would watch the news daily, wanting to be informed about the mutant situation.  It made no sense to her why everyone was so angry and upset with all the mutants. To her it seemed like an idiotic racial sort of discrimination, however, her parents were offenders of the idiocy.  When her powers revealed themselves around puberty, she kept it a secret from her parents, fearing her parents might hate her if they found out.  She secretly applied to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters out of desperation to hide her abilities from her parents.  Less than a week after being accepted to the school, Dr. Jean Grey-Summers arrived at Shirina’s home. She explained that Xavier’s Institute was a private school that would be an excellent route for Shirina to gain a top-notch education. It wasn’t difficult to convince Shirina’s parents and before long, Shirina was arriving at the Xavier Institute, a school to help guide and protect mutants.

Siblings: None