Tara Snyder


Real Name: Tara Snyder

Codename: Apparatus

Age: 23

Physical Description: Tara has olive green hues and reddish-brown hair which falls several inches past her shoulders. She is approximately 5'5" tall and 125lbs, with a slim and delicate figure.

Personality: Tara is rather reserved and keeps herself distant from those around her.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Mechanical telepathy. Tara has mechanical telepathy which allows her to communicate with machinery.

Special skills: Tara is incredibly acrobatic.

Current Profession: Resident/ X-Men

Background: Tara lived every child's dream of growing up in the circus. Her parents were acrobats in a carnival performance that traveled up and down the west coast. She grew up and learned her parents trade - joining their act when she was only six years old.

When Tara was still a youngster, the media began to put out vast amounts of propaganda concerning mutants and their destructive nature. Like millions of other humans worldwide, her parents and circus family bought in to the stories about mutant-kind all being like Magneto and his brood.

On the onset of puberty, Tara's abilities emerged. She kept her unnatural gifts hidden from her parents and the carnival people around her that she had come to call family. However, it wasn't long before she broke down and told her parents. They were aghast that their only child was a mutant. Under the assumption that her parents would never accept her, she ran away from home.

Over the next several months, twelve-year-old Tara searched for other mutants like herself, not fully understanding what was happening to her or what she was. It just so happened that the Acolytes got to her first.

An Acolyte by the name of David Hartford "Remus" filled her head with notions of how humans were only going to hate her, and how she would only ever feel a sense of belonging among mutants like herself. Being an impressionable preteen, it wasn't difficult for Remus to convince Tara to join the Acolytes.

Four years after she joined the Acolytes, and her mind had been turned against humankind - believing that Magneto's ideology was the only way for mutants to exist in this world.

When Tara was sixteen years old, she participated in an assault on the Xavier Institute. During the attack, she chose to save an X-Men, Ayami Horobi, from an attack by an Acolyte. Because of Tara's actions, she was left behind in the attack and captured by the X-Men. After nearly a month in the holding cells, she was determined not to be a threat to the Xavier Institute, merely a mixed-up teenage girl. Tara was released from the holding cells and offered safe asylum at the Xavier Institute. Tara chose to seek refuge at the Xavier Institute, knowing her chances of survival outside its walls was minimal due to inevitable retaliation from the Acolytes for her betrayal. Tara had no other option but to trust the X-men as they fended off any assassination or retribution attempts by the Acolytes for Tara's disloyalty.

Nearly a year later, Tara was a well-adjusted student at the Xavier Institute's School for Gifted Youngsters. She had developed a few friendships, but was still conflicted over her beliefs on mutant-human relations, uncertain whose ideology - Xavier's or Magneto's - was correct.

Before long, Tara was assigned to a student training squad known as the Corsairs which helped students foster their mutant abilities in a team setting and prepared students for future lives as X-Men.

After two years as a Corsair, Tara was inducted into the X-Men. Tara truly sees the Xavier Institute as her home, and would do anything to protect it.

Tara has spent a long time working closely with her fellow X-men. Whether it is training in the danger room or fighting along side one another on missions. She has also developed some close friendships, one of which blossomed into a romantic relationship with Damien DeVol.

Siblings: None