William Kaplan


Real Name: William "Billy" Kaplan

Codename: Wiccan

Age: 21

Physical Description: Billy is approximately 5'8" tall and 155 lbs. He has black hair, brown eyes, and an athletic build.

Personality: Caring and determined.

Race: Mutant, Warlock

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: Wiccan is both a mutant and warlock; as such he has a wide range of superpowers. However, it is difficult to tell which powers are granted from his X-Gene and which are spells. If Wiccan doesn't hear his spells, he cannot perform them. Wiccan's demonstrated the following powers:

Teleportation: Can teleport himself and others over undetermined distances with an untested maximum. Can also travel to and open gates accessing other worlds and dimensions.

Electrokinesis: Can manipulate and generate energy projections in the form of lightning.

Flight: Can engage in self propelled flight.

Photokinesis: Can project intense light and heat.

Energy/Solid Constructs: Can manipulate energy to create solid constructs like disks, shields, force fields, and other projectiles.

Pyrokinesis: Can generate fire.

Healing: Can heal others.

Spell Casting: Can use magic to enhance him or others for short periods of time. Spells have included: Enhanced Strength, Sensing Locations of others, Levitation, Telepathy, Astral Projection, and Illusion Casting.

Reality Warping: Can manipulate probability. By stating an effect or action he wants to happen he can cause unlikely things to happen, by saying "I want…" until it DOES happen.

Special skills: High School Education, New Avengers Training

Current Profession: Resident

Background: Billy is the reincarnated son of Scarlet Witch and brother to Thomas Shepherd, also known as Speed. When Billy was first discovering his powers he went in search of Scarlet Witch, only to find the Avengers had been disbanded. Instead, Billy was chosen by Iron Lad to form the Young Avengers along with Patriot and Hulkling, who he later became involved with.

Eventually, Speed and Billy teamed up to locate their mother, Scarlet Witch. When the Avengers are reformed they teach Billy to control his powers, concerned that Billy would follow in the Scarlet Witch's footsteps and inadvertently create another event similar to House of M. After learning about his true powers and life, Magneto arrives to reach out to his grandsons, Speed and Wiccan. The Avengers stop speaking and go into battle with Magneto and the Young Avengers, Wolverine attacking Wiccan. Wiccan, due to Ms. Marvel's warning, teleports his team and Magneto to Wanda “Scarlet Witch.” There they begin to go after Doom.

The Young Avengers learned of the attack upon the Xavier Institute from Shield, and although the Avengers had attacked Wiccan and the Young Avengers when they decided to help Magneto, Wiccan has come to reach out to the X-Men in their time of need.

Siblings: Thomas Shepherd "Speed" (Twin brother)